Medical implant firms, surgeons, and hospitals now have single-use alternative to provide critical torque-limiting to secure orthopedic and other medical implants.

New Torque-Fast line of disposable torque-limiting adapters from ECA Medical Instruments features ergonomic handles and AO and ¼” square connectors for use with legacy surgical shafts and tips for securing ortho implants for CMF, small bone and trauma, spine and general reconstruction. Torque-Fast line of products allow for efficient and safe orthopedic implant fixation and cost effective alternative to expensive and hard to maintain reusable instruments. (Credit: ECA Medical Instruments) ECA Medical Instruments, the leading designer and manufacturer of single-procedure torque-limiting and fixed-driver surgical instruments and kits for the medical industry and surgeons worldwide, unveiled its new family of disposable Torque-Fast instruments for safe and accurate securing of medical device implants. Available in various handle configurations and torque ranges the instruments offer proven technology, ease of use for operating room personnel, interchangeability with existing instruments and an immediate alternative to costly and hard to maintain reusable devices.

Torque-Fast instruments are near plug and play precision torque-limiting handles that fit with millions of legacy AO and ¼ inch square instrument shafts and blades used in operating rooms worldwide. Over 25% of all orthopedic implants or more than 1.7 million surgeries globally per year require torque limiting to secure the devices and majority use instrument blades and drivers with AO or ¼” square connectors.

The product family is designed for use in the full range of delicate to demanding procedures and implants including trauma, cranio-maxillofacial, small bone and extremity, spine and general reconstruction.

A key feature of all Torque-Fast instruments is the handle’s connector hub which allows all existing standard and implant specific AO and ¼” square style instrument blades and drivers to be securely mated to the handle. This feature permits tremendous flexibility during surgical procedures with one handle and torque setting securing multiple connector types and scores of safe and accurate actuations.

“Our Torque-Fast instruments offer precision torque and solve the pain implant manufacturers and hospitals suffer using expensive and hard to maintain reusable torque instruments,” said John Nino, ECA’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Now they have an alternative. Our disposable instruments have the familiar feel and robust operation without the hefty price tag and life cycle costs of traditional solutions.”

A featured product in the new product family is the ECA Model 225 In-Line adapter. This industry first disposable torque-limiting instrument can be attached to all popular variable speed surgical drills providing the surgeon both added safety for securing connectors and screws but also speeding implant procedures. The In-Line adapter is ideal for spinal implants and large bone repair.

Instruments featuring the Torque-Fast design include:

  • Model 218 Tri-Lobe handle with AO connector
  • Model 219 Palm & Axial Handle with AO connectors
  • Model 225 T-Handle & Axial Handle Instrument with AO and ¼” square connectors
  • Model 225 In-Line Adapter for use on variable speed drills with AO and ¼” square connectors

The instruments come in standard configurations and can also be customized to implant manufacturer specifications. The Torque-Fast series also eliminates or reduces the threat of out of calibration torque, surgical site infection from incomplete cleaning, hospital O.R. inefficiencies and spiraling life-cycle burden associated with conventional instruments.

ECA surgical instruments and kits may be purchased off-the-shelf for private label or OEMs may work with the ECA design team to collaborate on custom designs and configurations. ECA offers both sterile ready instruments as well as complete turnkey sterile-packaged solutions. Torque-Fast instruments are available for sampling with medical device and implant companies worldwide.

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