Basis has introduced Body IQ™, a proprietary technology that automatically recognizes and displays your favorite activities, like walking, running and biking, as well as your sleep.

Created by the Basis research and development teams, Body IQ™ ensures you get credit for your efforts in real-time, including your caloric burn, with no need to push buttons, switch modes or tag activities.

It also powers Basis’ unique way of automatically determining when you fall asleep and when you wake up. No other device provides this level of intelligence.

Real-Time Recognition at Your Wrist

It starts at the band where Body IQ™ enables real-time recognition for walking, running and biking at your wrist. Just get moving and you’ll start seeing your activity tracked on your Basis band display. It’s like an automatic stopwatch – no manual start or stop required.

You can also get daily cumulative totals for the duration and calories burned for each type of activity. Get real-time feedback on how your morning bike commute or walk at lunch helped you hit your activity or caloric burn goals.

You’ll also find each of these activities in the Insights sections of your online dashboard and mobile apps.  These summary views let you see how walking, running and biking fit into your overall plan for the day or week.

Deeper Insight into Each Walk, Run or Bike

With Body IQ™ technology, each activity is now designated in the Details section of your dashboard so you can get a deeper understanding of the physiological impact of each activity. See your calories burned and exertion levels as well as perspiration and skin temperature changes for that morning run or walk. The data section also now allows you to look all your metrics and activities at once to better understand patterns and correlations.

New Running and Biking Habits To Keep You Going

Our healthy habits system was designed to help you successfully incorporate daily activities into your everyday life . With Body IQ™, we are introducing two new habits – Run Club and Let’s Ride – that build on this foundation. Start with daily goals like 30 minutes of running and have Basis automatically track your progress. As you progress, we’ll increase your weekly target to keep you motivated and improve your fitness even more. We’ve even expanded our iOS app to allow you to add these new habits (along with all of the others) right on your phone.

Developed To Be the Most Advanced Activity, Sleep and Calorie Tracking

Body IQ™ technology is based on extensive in-house research and development. Our team of researchers and engineers have walked, run and biked the streets, trails and parks of the Bay Area to understand each activity. To ensure you get the proper caloric burn for these activities, they did extensive testing at the labs of our local universities and medical centers. It is the best of both worlds – real-world use and world-class testing.

Based on our research and customer feedback, we’ve also added a new feature where your calories are automatically estimated when you forget to wear your band. The estimate is based on your basal metabolic rate and will show up on both your band and on your dashboard.

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