ContextVision AB: At the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) congress in Chicago last week ContextVision launched two new cutting-edge image quality products, for ultrasound and mammography respectively.

The upgraded US PLUSView family of products for ultrasound has been developed to set new standards in image quality and it´s flexibility was shown for various applications at the exhibition.

“We have improved several algorithms and achieved impressive results,” said Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO. “We are particularly pleased about the way we can improve visualization of ultrasound images to support the Point of Care applications.”

Mammo 2 is a completely new product for mammography which was also introduced at the congress. Using ContextVision’s GOP® technology in combination with new optimized mammography algorithms, GOPView Mammo2 makes it easier for clinicians to quickly diagnose patients. The advanced imaging proves especially valuable in dense tissue with excellent contrast giving a sense of depth, promising more rapid and accurate diagnoses.

“Thanks to bringing a set of different skills together, our team has been able to master this very demanding modality” said Anita Tollstadius. “The beauty of this product is its capacity to provide good visibility also in the very challenging dense breasts, which makes our product attractive for global mammography screening and diagnosis.” Breast mass characteristics vary between ethnic groups and countries. The proportion of dense breasts is higher in the Asian countries. The dense breasts are much more difficult to assess as the unprocessed image provide very little contrast. Furthermore, the risk for cancer is higher in the dense breasts, and for this reason, good visibility in is needed.

The groundbreaking GOP® methodology detects structures by examining the significance of each pixel in relation to its wider context. Once the structure is identified and analyzed, noise can be suppressed and the true structure, however weak, can be emphasized and seen more clearly. This versatile technology combined with image processing expertise allows ContextVision to continuously improve the quality of medical images around the world.

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