Mobile Aspects announced today that it has been awarded the patent1 for its iRISupply™ RFID system that supports the storage and management of high value medical devices and surgical products used in specialty areas of a hospital.

The patented iRISupply™ smart cabinet uses RFID technology and real-time data to automate clinician workflows and streamline communication processes for supply chain management. This solution enables an increased level of automation and accuracy by eliminating the cost, time and manual efforts spent to store, maintain, track and manage high value materials in surgical settings of hospitals such as cardiovascular, interventional radiology, oncology, orthopedics and catheterization labs.

“Mobile Aspects has been the pioneering company in developing RFID automation solutions for high value materials storage and tracking in hospitals. The patent award is a validation of that pioneering spirit. Through continuous innovation and working closely with hospitals, Mobile Aspects is committed to making surgery safer and leaner,” said Suneil Mandava, President and CEO Mobile Aspects.

The iRISupply™ smart cabinet is the 14th patent issued to the Mobile Aspects portfolio of RFID solutions for the hospital surgery environment, and the Company already has similar RFID smart cabinet patents in Europe. Earlier this year, they received the patent for their iRIScope™ smart cabinet that helps with the storage, utilization, and reprocessing of flexible endoscopes.

The Mobile Aspects iRISupply™ RFID smart cabinets are being utilized by a large number of leading hospitals including 7 of the U.S. News & World Report2 “Honor Roll Hospitals 2013-14.” The solutions have helped these hospitals improve profitability, accountability, efficiency and meet patient safety and compliance regulations.

About Mobile Aspects Mobile Aspects, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides innovative RFID solutions and expertise to enable surgical settings within hospitals and clinicians to deliver a higher quality of care. The Mobile Aspects portfolio of solutions eliminates manual processes through clinician-friendly, simple workflow automation.

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1 US Patent #: Dynamic control containment unit - US 8547203
2 Source: US News & World Report Website