Since its founding in 1946, Tektronix has been at the forefront of electronics innovation as the world's leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes - electronic test instruments that measure electrical signal changes. Now, Tektronix is continuing the tradition by donating electronic equipment to Edison Nation Medical, health care innovator and medical device incubator, which will be used at the company's Charlotte, N.C. headquarters and on "Everyday Edisons," its sister company's PBS reality television show for inventors.

Edison Nation Medical's mission is to create more effective, efficient and safer health care through innovation by providing an easy way for new health care and medical product ideas to come to life. The company provides a clear pathway for anyone-doctors, nurses, technicians, entrepreneurs, patients, caregivers-to submit a medical product idea for in-depth analysis and potential commercialization by expert medical, product development and licensing experts. Edison Nation Medical splits royalty profits with any successful inventor.

Oscilloscopes are critical tools for developing electronic products ranging from satellites to smartphones and will be used in Edison Nation Medical's product development lab as engineers develop a variety of new inventions. In addition, some of the same Tektronix lab equipment will be featured on the fifth season of "Everyday Edisons," reality television show that follows 10 finalists, selected from thousands of hopeful inventors, as their original ideas evolve into prototypes and, potentially, retail products. The 13-part series affords viewers a firsthand look at the complex product development process through the eyes of expert teams of industrial designers and engineers, marketing and branding professionals, Web designers and salespeople.

A range of Tektronix instrumentation, including the innovative MDO4000 mixed domain oscilloscope, will be used to further health care innovation and also help the "Everyday Edisons" development team bring inventors' ideas to life. In addition to an MDO4000, the Tektronix equipment donation includes an MSO3000 series mixed signal oscilloscope, two DPO3000 series oscilloscopes, an AFG2000 series function generator, a DMM4040 digital multimeter and other supporting technologies.

"Product development, for both 'Everyday Edisons' and Edison Nation Medical, is a fast-paced and rewarding process. Our work varies immensely, which means we're on a never-ending quest to improve our capabilities," said Tom Philpott, head of product development. "We turned to Tektronix to help us select state-of-the-art, versatile equipment that would suit our wide-ranging needs. Tektronix's generous equipment donation goes a long way to supporting the growth of our new production lab and our capacity to help bring inventions of all kinds to life." For a company such as Tektronix that has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception, working with both Edison Nation Medical and "Everyday Edisons" was a natural fit.

"At Tektronix, we believe in not only providing tools that support electronics innovation, but also in developing innovative products ourselves, such as the MDO4000, the world's first oscilloscope for looking at electrical and radio signals simultaneously," said Dave Farrell, general manager, Mainstream Oscilloscopes, Tektronix.

"'Everyday Edisons' provides fascinating insight into the skills and determination it takes to transform an idea into a product, while Edison Nation Medical allows everyday inventors to transform health care in a positive way. We are truly excited to be involved with these unique players in the world of innovation and invention." Wondering what else Tektronix is up to? Check out the Tektronix Bandwidth Banter blog and stay up to date on the latest news from Tektronix on Twitter and Facebook.