Research and Markets  has announced the addition of the "Research and Forecast of China IVD Reagent (In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent) Industry, 2014-2018" report to their offering.

IVD reagent industry is an emerging industry in China, the start is late and the development is relatively backward compares with occidental countries. According to the data provided by IVD Special Committee, there are 300 to 400 IVD reagent manufacturing enterprises in China, of which, 200 enterprises own above designated scale. However, only about 20 enterprises have the ability to achieve annual sales income of more than CNY 100 million; most of enterprises are in small scale and the product variety is few.

In 2013, the market scale of China's IVD industry reached CNY 22.5 billion; among them, the market scale of IVD reagents was about CNY 16.3 billion.

The state policy encourages the competitive enterprises to strengthen their strength. In 2013, a series of policies which target to improve industry standard and threshold entered the substantive operation stage, which accelerates the elimination of small enterprises and improves the industry concentration ratio. Industrial consolidation is the development trend, and the enterprises with capital, technology and scale advantages will win gradually.

In recent years, due to the continued sluggishness of European and American pharmaceutical market, the international giants target on the market expansion brought by China's new medical reform, and entered China's market in succession; after the China-oriented R&D center transfer, these powerful enterprises began to compete with China's enterprises in the low and medium-end markets through mergers, acquisitions, capital increase and production expansion; therefore, the competitive enterprises in China's diagnostic reagent subdivided industries will face more sever competitions.

Key Topics Covered

  • Overview of Diagnostic Reagent Industry
  • Operating Environment of China's IVD Reagent Industry
  • Operation State of China's IVD Reagent Market
  • Import and Export of China's IVD Reagent Industry
  • China's Key IVD Reagent Enterprises
  • Future Development of China's IVD Reagent Industry

Companies Mentioned

  • Beijing Leadman Biochemistry
  • Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise
  • BioSino Bio-technology and Science
  • DAAN Gene
  • Mindray
  • Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group)
  • Shanghai Kehua Bio-engineering
  • Zhejiang DIAN Diagnosis (DIAN Diagnosis)

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