Final deadline is this evening!
It has arrived...the last day to file your 2014 R&D 100 Awards entry is today, Friday, May 9. If you have started an entry, please take the time to make sure it it is registered and contact us if you need assistance in making the final preparations. Remember, we will be accepting new entries through midnight (technically 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time), so if you are on the fence or have just learned about the Awards this week, there is still time today to make it happen. Contact editors Lindsay Hock and Paul Livingstone. Or go here: Official R&D 100 Awards Web Page.

Download the Entry Form
We’ve made our R&D 100 Awards Entry Form easier to complete. Compared to prior years, the form has been simplified. We ask for almost the same information, but there are fewer questions.

2014 R&D 100 Awards Entry Form

Register Your Entry
When you have completed your Entry Form, go to our official R&D 100 Awards Entry Gateway, where we collect your contact information, entry fee and your Entry Form.

Register Your 2014 Entry

Learn about the Awards
Each entry costs $325. For this, the editors evaluate your entry on its own merit, relying on the expertise of more than 40 independent judges who have background in all of the R&D 100 Awards technology categories, including chemistry, biotechnology, materials science, electrical engineering, computer science and more. This process lasts for more than a month, and during the summer we announce our winners. A new product launched at any time in the calendar year 2013 can be considered for the Awards.