Professor Dietmar Hutmacher holds a 3D printed breast scaffold. QUT's biofabrication research is well-advanced in printing 3D custom-made scaffolds using bio-ink infused with the patient's stem cells to enable the body to grow a new breast after mastectomy.

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QUT and three of the world's leading research universities in the 3D printing of replacement body parts have joined forces to offer the world's first international masters in biofabrication whereby graduates will hold a masters degree from an Australian university in addition to a masters degree from a European university.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Boris Holzapfel with a model of a pelvis with a custom-made 3D printed scaffold.

Model of a 3D printed bone scaffold.

Associate Professor Travis Klein

Professor Gordon Wallace (right) and Dr. Johnson Chung of the University of Wollongong demonstrate how a 3D printer was used to build scaffolds that help regrow knee cartilage.