An app for cancer patients called Belong has launched to help patients feel in control and connected with their treatment.

Belong offers resources to help make decisions, learn about treatment options, advice for relieving side effects, and finding emotional support. Using a forum, patients can connect with medical professionals and other patients regarding clinical trial eligibility, post-chemotherapy remedies, and other medical advice.

“We built the first of its kind mobile community-based treatment navigator – like a GPS for cancer – that compiles crowd wisdom, expert knowledge, the most current care protocols and scientific and clinical research, all delivered in a hyper-personalized and relevant experience to our users,” says Eliran Malki, founder and CEO of Belong. “It’s everything a patient needs in one place.”

Breast cancer survivor Dorit Nitzan, MD, says that having doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals within a close reach is one of the app’s best advantages. Medical professionals are able to connect patients to clinical trials and guide patients through their journeys.

“ [They] support us, literally caring for us, pulling and pushing us through this challenging time in our lives.” The survivor adds.

App features include:

  • Help managing and tracking appointments and goals
  • Interaction with other patients and other medical professionals
  • Forums such as “Ask the Doctor” and “Side Effects and Pain”
  • A digital binder to store and share medical records and other information
  • A personal clinical trial search, available for request. It helps find trials that are relatable to the user.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.