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Wafer Processing Adhesive

Temporary wafer bonding for thin wafer processing is one of the key technologies for wafer level 3D system integration. AI Technology, Inc (AIT) is proud to be the first known provider of a film format high temperature temporary bonding adhesive for thin wafer processing of bonding device...

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PSAs Specific for Medical Electrode Manufacturing

Products in the Electrofix line are single-coated with medical grade acrylic adhesives in varying tacks. For patients with acrylic sensitivities, a medical grade synthetic rubber resin adhesive is also available.

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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

From single- and double-coated foams to films and non-wovens, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes

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Manufacturing Rx: Partnerships Add Developmental Strength

Medical device manufacturers can maximize innovation and business investments by partnering with companies who share a parent entity. Such supplier partnerships can help solve problems and speed products to market.

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