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Force Fiber OrthoTape Braid

Teleflex Medical OEM has added an ultra-strong, ultra-thin tape to its suture product line. Force Fiber OrthoTape Braid is durable, yet gentle and features a low profile and broad footprint. The braid, indicated for orthopedic procedures, is ideal for applications...

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Stick to Skin - Hypoallergenic Medical Tapes, Films and Materials

3M Health Care has a broad experience developing and producing surgical and medical devices. With access to more than 100 core 3M technologies, we can meet the needs of our medical business-to-business customers with our range of products and technologies. Examples of these can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world, where they have been tried, tested and trusted for years. 3M offers...


Structural Adhesives as Alternative to Mechanical Fasteners

Fabrico, the leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and advanced assembly solutions, offers structural adhesives in both liquid and tape format to meet the evolving assembly needs of industries including medical.

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Fabrico’s Proprietary Process Delivers Clear Printing on Tape

Fabrico, a leader in flexible materials converting and advanced assembly for complex projects, offers precise printing on tape for identification, warning, and instruction in high-performance markets.


Medical Foam Tape Offers Patient Comfort, Superior Breathability

Avery Dennison Medical Solutions has developed a new highly breathable and conformable medical foam tape that provides comfortable, breathable securement and can serve as a backing...

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Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulative Double-Sided Tape

At this week’s Semi-Therm28 symposium in San Jose, California, Fujipoly introduced a new line of thermally conductive and electrically insulative double-sided tape.


Tape and Reel Packaged SMT Pin

Mill-Max is pleased to introduce a new SMT pin for use as a test point or for low profile board-to-board connections. These pins are available packaged on tape & reel for...

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Steel-Tape Rotary-Ring Encoder Serves Multiple Measurement Applications

A new modular steel-tape rotary encoder from RSF Elektronik is now available for measurement applications with diameters of 6 inches (150 mm) to 6 feet (~2 m).

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Surgical Drape Tapes and Incise Film Solutions Satisfy Challenging Application Requirements

A broad range of incise films and bordering, assembly, fenestration and fixation tapes are now available from Avery Dennison Medical Products (MD&M East Booth 1543).

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New Silicone Gel Tape & Chip Vibration Isolators

Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC)’s Silicone Gel Tape & Chip Vibration Isolators, identified as the V10Z62MGT and V20Z62MGC Series, are designed for light to medium loads. The gel tape is stocked in 1000 mm lengths and in 3 thicknesses: 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.


Medical Portfolio Desk Reference for Converters and OEMs

Converters of medical materials and manufacturers of medical device components can now turn to an artfully designed desk reference from the Avery Dennison Specialty Tape division for medical tape selection assistance.


Medical Foam Tape Is Moisture Vapor Permeable

Scapa 4005-800A is an extremely soft and conformable pressure sensitive polyurethane foam tape for direct skin applications including wound care, consumer dressings, and medical device attachment. It consists of thin (0.


Adhesives Replace Ultrasonic Welding Applications

The 1000 seres of medical device adhesives make high-speed, high-volume bonding of medical device housings, tube sets, catheters, enclosures, and housings possible. These solvent-free adhesives replace ultrasonic welding applications and costly two-part products.


Sealing Tapes

The Series 9795 3M advanced polyolefin medical microplate sealing tapes are indicated for a variety of adhesive applications in the healthcare industry.


Adhesive Tape (3253)

Bioflex Rx1184P-2.4 is a durable, heavyweight fabric adhesive tape for direct skin medical device attachment. The product is specifically designed for bandages, insulin infusion sets, ECG electrodes, and TENS.

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