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Xuron Model 9180 Kevlar Shears

Xuron Model 9180 Kevlar Shears feature a special serrated cutting edge designed to grip and hold slippery high tensile ...

LISTED UNDER: Precision Cutting Tools

SXUV20C - Low-Noise, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Photodetector

New SXUV series photodiode features a large 20 mm² circular active area for measuring ultraviolet light and power monitoring of Extreme UV lasers.

LISTED UNDER: Laser Micro-Machining | Optical Inspection

Cable-Tie Cutter

An ergonomic flush cutter that is ideal for cutting cable ties and leaving a smooth, flat finish against the head to eliminate spikes which can scratch and injure workers is available from Xuron Corp. of Saco, Maine. The Xuron Model 2275 Cable-Tie...

LISTED UNDER: Precision Cutting Tools

Extrusion Head with Fixed Center Design

The Bullet II allows quick tooling changes, as the tips remove from the back and the die removes from the front of the unit. The absence of fastening hardware eliminates leaking, as does the taper body and deflector design pioneered by Guill...

LISTED UNDER: Extrusion Equipment

Universal Mill

The compact M 20 Universal batch mill manufactured by IKA is used in labs to grind dry materials into small particles for testing and analysis. Interchangeable blade cutters made in varying shapes and materials can be used to handle materials...

LISTED UNDER: Milling Machines

Catheter Forming Mandrels

A service for refurbishing damaged fuse welding and tipping mandrels used for manufacturing catheters that restores them to pristine like new condition is available from Applied Plastics Co., Inc. of Norwood, MA. Applied Plastics’ Forming...


Single-Sided Right-Angle Head Aggregate

BENZ Inc.‘s new single-sided right-angle head aggregate was designed to machine holes or grooves into workpiece edges horizontally. The head’s material top-floating capacity also allows you to machine at a highly consistent distance from the top...

LISTED UNDER: Machining Equipment & Tools

Laser Welding Workcell for Clear Plastics

Dukane Corporation, St. Charles IL introduces a new Laser Welding System that allows clear-to-clear plastic welding without the need of any laser absorbing additives. This system incorporates a recently developed 2-micron laser with a greatly...

LISTED UNDER: Other Plastics-Forming Equipment | Welders

Analytical Mill

Now available on for your lab’s grinding and cutting needs is the IKA A 11 basic Analytical Mill. It is a compact mill designed to break-down both brittle and soft samples with hardness of 6 to 9 Mohs. Dry ice and liquid...

LISTED UNDER: Milling Machines

Controlled Plastics Cutting Capability for Chromatography Support Disc Manufacture

A leading filtration specialist is delivering fresh innovation through its extensive new controlled plastics cutting capability, achieving strong results at very high tolerance levels for a wide range of applications. Porvair Filtration Group – a manufacturer of sintered...


FDA Compliance Training for Mobile Devices

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers recognize that regulatory inspection is a normal part of their business. Yet many companies are unprepared or do not know the best practices for writing effective standard operating procedures...

LISTED UNDER: Machining Equipment & Tools | FDA Compliance

Special Toolholder

Briney Tooling Systems is well-known for their custom and special toolholder design and build capabilities. They have a special design team in place that works daily with customer’s to design and build the special tools needed for a wide array of applications...

LISTED UNDER: Machining Equipment & Tools

Hot Stamping Press

With proven experience in the marking industry Automator America announces its line of marking machines for hot stamping presses. Available for manual and pneumatic operation, these machines can be bench mounted or mounted for in-line production. These...

LISTED UNDER: 3D Printing | Presses | 3D Printing

Zinc Selenide Lenses

A full line of zinc selenide (ZnSe) lenses for high power CO2 lasers that are in stock for immediate delivery are available from Laser Research Optics of Providence, Rhode Island. Laser Research ZnSe Lenses for multi-kilowatt cutting lasers include plano-convex...

LISTED UNDER: Laser Micro-Machining | Other


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