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Advanced Fabrication Technology for Thin-Walled Urethane Extrusions

Advanced technology for producing thin walled, large diameter, low durometer urethane extrusions is available. Commonly used in minimally invasive medical devices, such extrusions have been fraught with manufacturability challenges.


Extrusion Capabilities

The company’s extensive extrusion capabilities range from single-lumen tubing to coextrusions and multi-lumen tubing, with up to 28 lumens or more possible. Formulations range from clear to pigmented to radiopaque.

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High-Tech Extrusions

Medical extrusions are meeting higher standards, becoming more responsive to customer demands, and providing increasingly sophisticated product. If material costs can be kept in line, there is no telling how far technological advancements will go.

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Spiral/Twisted Extrusions

Engineers at SSF have developed close-tolerance silicone tubing that can spiral or twist to a desired pitch. The techniques expand the medical uses for silicone extrusion. Potential benefits include improved kink resistance, flexibility, and electrical noise reduction.



Company offers design assistance with custom profile extrusions to meet the various needs of its customers. It produces profiles to each customer's design and specifications in an array of both rigid and flexible material options.

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Component Fabrication

Booth #### Company is a custom, contract manufacturer of components, extrusions, and assemblies for OEMs world wide. Early involvement in the design process by the company's engineers provides for understanding of the performance expectations for both the component and the assembly.


In Process Material Switch

The ability to change a durometer "on the fly" with a single unitary silicone extrusion has been perfected by engineers at Specialty Silicone Fabricators, Inc.

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sunlite plastics

Sunlite Plastics, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality extrusions since 1996. Today, the company is a major supplier of tubing related extrusion to medical device manufacturers worldwide. Sunlite owns and operates two state-of-the-art extrusion facilities.

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