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Polyester Thermosetting Molding Compound

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s Vyloglass is an innovative dry-type, glass reinforced, polyester thermosetting molding compound that delivers high strength, heat resistance, excellent electrical properties, low shrinkage and creep control. It can be...


Non-Flammable Molding Compound

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s Vyloglass a new type of thermosetting dry-type polyester molding compound that is non-flammable and resistant to electric spark; providing a high safety level reaching UL-94 class V-0 flame retardance rating. Nonflammable – Does not burn in spite of being...


Thermosetting Dry-Type Polyester Molding Compound

Vyloglass is a thermosetting dry-type polyester molding compound developed with the use of Japan U-Pica Company’s exclusive technology. Exemplified in the manufacture of a Brush Holder for a Dynamic Motor, see attached specification brief...

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Medical Color Concentrate Line

Compounding Solutions has announced the launch of a new line of medical grade color concentrates to better serve their current and future medical customers. These color concentrates are the first of several new product lines that the company is...

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Enhanced Molding Capabilities

Helix Medical has announced additional capabilities in thin-wall injection molding utilizing implantable PEEK and silicone materials. Other specialized molding services include implantable thermoplastic & silicone specialty components, biopharmaceutical components, and fully-automated molding of tight tolerance silicone bellows.

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Patented Alloy Provides Breakthrough Parts Characteristics and One-Step Parts Processing

Based on a scientific breakthrough developed at Caltech, the Department of Defense, and NASA, Liquidmetal Technologies has introduced an amorphous metal alloy that can be used in the production of highly complex parts via an efficient injection-molding process.

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Molded Rubber And Plastic Components Website

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MR&P) has redesigned its website, which communicates the company's science-based approach comprising product design, manufacturing, process development, sourcing, quality systems, material sciences expertise, and program management.

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International Plastics Design Competition

The Alliance of Plastics Processors (APP) is now accepting applications for the International Plastics Design Competition (IPDC), which will co-locate with NPE2009 on June 22-26 at Chicago's McCormick Place.


Injection Molding and Extrusion Grade Vinyl Compounds

The Geon HC product line will feature flexible injection molding and extrusion grade vinyl compounds with a wide range of durometers. These compounds are available from as low as 60 Shore A through nearly-rigid grades, and many have USP Class 6 and FDA regulatory status.

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Rubber/Silicone Molding and Bonding

Design engineers will benefit from the company’s capabilities of molding and bonding unique rubber and silicone formulations for today’s newest equipment and products.

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Custom Micro Molding

Miniaturization of components in a broad range of polymers gives the medical designer greater flexibility in designing devices such as fluid delivery systems, diagnostic equipment, and endoscopic devices for minimally invasive cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.


Silicone-to-Plastic Molding

Select-Hesive LIMS are offered for silicone-to-plastic molding and eliminate costly assembly steps by allowing molders to utilize 2-shot or insert overmolding processes. The results are improved part quality and consistency, which allows for increased productivity and cost savings.

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Molding Compound

Loctite ResinAid 3596 cures on exposure to UV or visible light of the right intensity. The molding compound produces tear resistant yet soft and conformable shells that deliver improved comfort and durability in the ear canal.


Plastic Engineering

Company offers plastic engineering services and the expertise to eliminate molding uncertainty, costly trial and error methods, and excessive mold samplings.


Precision Molded Components

Company specializes in the development and manufacture of plastic medical and laboratory components, such as luer and tubing connectors, with a full R&D capacity for custom components. Its line of over 2500 components is available in a multitude of configurations.

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