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North Canton, OH – Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announces the availability of Graco UniXact, a fully automated...

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Aved Electro-mechanical Box Build Assembly Service

Aved Electro-mechanical Box Build Assemblies are fully optimized for design and manufacturability (DFM) to provide a complete connectorized solution ...

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Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Services

Custom wire harnesses fabricated using fully automated wire processing equipment with virtually any gauge wire and connector type are being introduced by Aved Electronics, Inc. of North Billerica, Massachusetts. Aved Cable & Wire Harness...

LISTED UNDER: Electronics Contract Assembly | Electromedical Contract Manufacturing

Ultrasonic Medical Weld Tools

Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. has worked with medical company Genicon, in Winter Park, FL, to build one of the largest ultrasonic medical weld tools ever designed. The product being welded – a newly designed suction irrigation handle – which was shown by Genicon...


Linear & Rotary Motion Solutions

Gilman Precision provides a variety of custom and standard spindles and slides to solve linear and rotary motion challenges for exacting needs. Any brand or model of spindles and slides may also be repaired rebuilt, or refurbished by Gilman Precision's repair service.

LISTED UNDER: Cleanroom Assembly | Custom Assembly | Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Sigma Laser Tube Cutter

Amada Miyachi America Inc. announces its updated Sigma Laser Tube Cutter, which can be used with both microsecond fiber and femtosecond disk lasers. The new cutting system provides unrivalled edge quality for both metals and plastics, making it ideal for medical device...

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Electrical Connectors for Industrial Automation

What once took one or more people to do, can now be accomplished with one robot, which contributes to significant reduction in material handling, orientation time, parts inspection, and training. Automation improves the response time as products flow from...

LISTED UNDER: Custom Assembly | Cable Assemblies | Connectors

Customized Glass Touch Assemblies

The Business Unit Technical Glass of the Berliner Glas Group designs and produces individual glass touch assemblies for its customers. The systems are based on projective capacitive touch sensor technology. The glass touch assemblies are...

LISTED UNDER: Cleanroom Assembly

Panel Interface Connector Labeling

Mencom offers private labeling for Panel Interface Connectors also known as programming ports or program ports. For high volume OEM customers, Mencom, the brand leader in Panel Interface Connectors, can customize the label with clients’ company...

LISTED UNDER: Custom Assembly | Enclosures/Chassis | Labeling

Small Assembly Robots

DENSO Robotics, a global supplier of advanced robotic technology, knows firsthand what customers want in their assembly robots. Speed, accuracy, ease of operation, high reliability, low maintenance, durability and energy efficiency are all part...

LISTED UNDER: Box Build | Cleanroom Assembly | Custom Assembly

Sterilization-Friendly Connector

The REDEL SP connector is designed using a plastic material that is friendly to sterilization processes. The latching system is now embedded in the shell for an increased impact resistance with a high contact density...

LISTED UNDER: Custom Assembly | Connectors

Electro-Mechanical Box Build

Custom engineered, sourced, and manufactured electro-mechanical box build assemblies and integrated interconnecting cables for early stage companies are being introduced by Aved Electronics, Inc. of North Billerica, MA. Aved...

LISTED UNDER: Box Build | Cable Assemblies

Heavy-Duty Dry Vacuums

Independent laboratory tests now certify that EXAIR’s Heavy Duty Dry Vac meets the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the European Union that are required to attain the CE mark. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is a rugged, industrial duty vacuum cleaner that has been...

LISTED UNDER: Cleanroom Assembly | Vacuums

Functional Integration in Ultrasonic Welding

In semi-automated multi-head machines, several processes are often jointly integrated to achieve high functional density in confined spaces. Parts assembly functions, component detection and sensing features, as well as various test processes are added to the actual...


Multi-Stranded Flexible Shaft

The ACTONE CABLE TUBE Ultra-Thin (UT) is a hollow, single-layer, multi-stranded flexible shaft composed of flat stainless wire drawn by Asahi Intecc to reduce the wall thickness. Medical device and industrial device designers can achieve a customized solution with a reduced device profile, 1-1 torque in tortuous paths and anatomies...

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