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Grauling Research Announces Revolutionary Coating Technology For Improved Infrared Sensor Performance

The new IR thin-film coating enhances performance and improves efficiency of infrared sensors; in many applications the coating also seals and protects the device, eliminating the need for glass encapsulation.

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Pigtail Emitters

These devices are approximately 2.0mm in diameter, less than half the size of a standard TO-18 or TO-46 type device offering the user more flexibility when space is an issue. These emitters are well suited for applications where size is an issue but hermeticity...

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Precision Optics Overrun List

PRECISION OPTICS OVERRUN LIST 2015 LIST INCLUDES OVER 75 CATEGORIES OF OPTICS A comprehensive list of first-quality optics consisting of overrun parts made from a wide variety of materials is being published by Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island. The listed optics can often replace the need, expense, and waiting time associated with ordering custom optics. The Meller Optics...

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