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ATL offers custom rotary die cutting and packaging of medical tapes and foams for tight tolerance applications. An experienced engineering staff can assist you with material selection, product...

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PPWAM280 Medical Open Frame

This 280 Watt open frame medical supply is in a 3 x 5 footprint (3 x 5 x 1.18) ...

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High Power Density – 360 Watt Medical AC/DC Power Supply 4” x 6” Footprint Features BF Rated Outputs PPWAM360 Series

Power Partners, Inc. releases a new medical, BF rated output, AC/DC power supply from their medical open frame/u-channel product line.

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Precise Fluid Automation Dispense Equipment

Graco announces that it will highlight its new Fluid Automation F4-5 Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) dispensing equipment at MD&M Minneapolis 2015. The show will take place November 4-5, 2015, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is also home to Graco...

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Color Development Process App

Plastics Color Corporation is proud to announce the arrival of their brand new app for the App Store, Colors Now. Available for FREE on your iPad or iPhone, the Colors Now app is the easiest way to go from color...

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PTFE Tubing, Silicone Molding Parts, Catheter Systems

RAUMEDIC is a development partner and system supplier for polymer products for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. At MD&M East in New York, the company presents the newest innovations from the world of polymers. Thermoplastic PTFE...

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Rolling Ring Linear Drive

Changing linear pitch on Uhing rolling ring linear drives is now fast and easy using a lever control option on the drive unit. The pitch control lever permits manually setting and changing linear pitch independently of the drive motor speed or other controls. This means that motors and devices...

LISTED UNDER: Product Design | Measurement Instruments

IoT-Enabled Product Portfolio

Wind River, delivering software for intelligent connected systems, today announced that it has enhanced and expanded its Wind River Helix product portfolio to address the system-level opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, the company has created...

LISTED UNDER: Product Design | Technology Development

Molded Part Design for Implantable Medical Devices

MRPC recently released a new overview sheet highlighting their molded part design and tooling capabilities for implantable medical device components, those meant for long-term implementation inside the human body...

LISTED UNDER: Molding | Design Services | Product Design

New Product Development Website Launched

NPI/Medical has recently launched its new website focused at New Product Introduction (NPI). NPI/Medical eliminates the chaos and uncertainty of the product development lifecycle by turning it into a strategic advantage for their customers...

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Comprehensive System Level Integration of Our Micromachined Thin Film Sensors

Do you have a challenging application? Our highly qualified technical teams can offer you consulting, development, and production assistance for your project. Our application development department can act as an interface between your application and our sensor components. This is especially valuable in working with our more complex flow, humidity, and conductivity sensors. We employ our...

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High Quality Structured Blue Light 3D Scanners

The ATOS Core series is the newest addition to the ATOS product line of advanced 3D scanners engineered by GOM mbH Germany. With GOM's industry benchmarked reputation for designing and manufacturing accurate, high quality and innovative optical metrology systems, the ATOS Core is truly a mini sized powerhouse setting a new price/performance milestone in the marketplace.

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Disposable Eye Patches

These simple and inexpensive disposable eye patches are used for monocular acuity testing by doctors, screeners, and parents. The 3M Micropore tape has a non-adhesive pad island placed on the tape to avoid contact with the eye and eyelashes. They are comfortable to wear and easy to use and remove. These patches can be purchased in the generic yellow and blue designs or you can customize your...

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Disposable die cut components

ATL offers custom rotary die cutting and packaging of medical tapes and foams for tight tolerance applications. An experienced engineering staff can assist you with material selection, product design, and flat bed die cut prototypes. Island placement capabilities are also available.

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Precision Molded Medical Components and Assemblies

Medical equipment manufacturers seeking a qualified manufacturing partner will find this brochure particularly useful. It details Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’ 65 years of experience in the medical components...

LISTED UNDER: Injection Molding | Molding | Cleanroom Assembly

Over-Molded Captive Screw with Color Versatility

Southco has recently expanded its offering of color-coded Captive Screws with an over-molded line well-suited to limited space applications. The new Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw features...

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