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Voice Coil Actuator LAH08-15-000A

The VCA can control inhalation and exhalation valves on ventilators to provide the exact amount of air specified and the necessary reliability ...


New Anti-Rotational Design Ensures Actuator Accuracy: Housed Linear Actuator Model LAH13-11-000A

The Housed Linear Actuator Model LAH13-11-000A incorporates a shaft with flexures at both ends of travel that support the moving magnet field assembly.


24V Integrated Electric Actuators

The SCN5 series actuators are compact yet powerful integrated mechatronic cylinders that feature a motor, encoder, drive and actuator in one integral package. SCN5 series Mechatronics Cylinders are available in stroke lengths to 300mm...


Voice Coil Motors & Voice Coil Position Actuators

A "voice coil" is a generalized term that refers to any galvanometer-like mechanism that uses a solenoid to move an object back-and-forth within a magnetic field. Voice coil actuators, or non-commutated DC linear actuators, consist of a permanent...

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Mechanical Motion Product and Application Solutions

Thomson Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has launched a new, multilingual website that improves access to its extensive library of mechanical motion product and application solutions. The new website has a smart...

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Linear Unhoused Voice Coil Actuators

In order to simplify assemblies and save space, the number of OEMs looking for a way to insert their equipment directly through a Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) is on the rise for medical, scientific, and analytical laboratory instruments. In response to this ...


Enhanced VCA Developer’s Kit Jump-Starts Prototype Builds

BEI Kimco has packed new functionality into its popular VCA Developer’s Kit. Enhancements to the kit include an upgraded controller with I/O Board and straightforward connections that eliminate soldering ‒ both changes make it easier and faster than ever for...


Small, Low Cost, Highly Reliable, 'Pick & Hold' PWM Modules

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers a very low cost solution for solenoid control electronics. In Pick & Hold applications a higher (Pick) force is required initially and then a switch is made to a lower continuous (Hold) force...

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Short Stroke Actuators

ETEL now offers short stroke actuators in North America through parent company HEIDENHAIN Corporation. These extremely reliable Z Standalone Actuators are to be used in any application where force, throughput and long lifetime are required within a small form factor...


New and Improved Electric Actuator Series

Spirax Sarco has announced their new and improve AEL 5 series electric actuator range for 1/2” to 4” control valves. The AEL 5 series electric actuators are reversible having linear output. Its internal components such as the PCB, positioner card and limited switches are affixed to a more durable and sturdy aluminum...


Electric Linear Actuator Delivers Robust, Reliable Performance

Thomson introduced Max Jac— a heavy-duty linear actuator that delivers reliable and virtually maintenance free operation while maintaining accuracy in the harshest application conditions. The IP69K rated Max Jac has a stainless steel adapter and extension tubes to help prevent leakage.


Linear Actuators Offer Quieter Personal Mobility Equipment

Thomson Industries has introduced the new line of Thomson WhisperTrak Electric Linear Actuators. Through quiet (<45 dBa), maintenance-free operation in a compact one-piece housing, the Thomson WhisperTrak linear actuator maximizes design flexibility and improves performance and user comfort...


Ultrasonic Sealing Technology for Flexible Packaging

Rinco Ultrasonics, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, has unveiled breakthrough technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible packaging for dry and liquid foods, personal care items, and electronics.

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1.5 Spindle Drive

MICROMO is pleased to introduce the BS22-1.5 spindle drive from the FAULHABER Group. In the case of rotary drive tasks, the conversion and optimal adaptation of mechanical torques...

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Linear Actuators Feature Cross Roller Guides

A new series of 5 Linear Actuators from Techno-Omil include configurations such as cross roller guides, adjustable position, shock absorbers, guide bushings, external cylinder and more.

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