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Permanent Magnet (Power Off) Brake

SEPAC designed the PMB Permanent Magnet Brake to provide OEMs with more than twice the torque-to-size ratio as conventional power off spring engaged brakes. (For example, a conventional 2” diameter spring engaged brake typically yields approx...

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Servo Motor Brakes

With Nexen Group's servo motor brake, no energy is consumed when the brake is disengaged. (Electrically-released brakes consume power continuously, even in disengaged mode, creating heat inside the brake, which detracts from...

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Spring Engaged (Power Off) Brake

SEPAC introduces the MSEB Series, a manual release, power off brake that offers OEMs significant advantages and a 10-20% lower cost compared to competitive models. The MSEB’s standard manual release handle provides a way to manually release brake...

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High Torque Safety Brakes

Nexen Group, Inc. introduces their latest safety component, -- spring engaged/air released Safety Brakes. Stopping and holding devices, such as direct or redundant brakes, are necessary for safeguarding personnel, machinery and processes...

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Thomson Industries Inc., a manufacturer of mechanical motion solutions, has introduced a new express shipping service for its SB Series power off brakes. The service is provided as standard option and does not require a premium or a fee. It offers customers 24-48 hours shipments...

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New Slip-Ease Clutches Offer Improved Backlash

Sterling Instrument offers a new, low backlash variant on its existing line of multi-plate in-line slip clutches. Both versions feature an all mechanical design, which makes them considerably cheaper than electro-mechanical alternatives. The slip plates are layered with friction pads in between...

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Hysteresis brakes feature the patented Cog-Buster to automatically smooth braking torque. Frictionless torque is produced by internal magnetic fields rather than contact between parts, so torque is smooth, accurate, and reliable. Even high slip RPM causes no wear.

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Compact electromechanical clutches provide consistent timing for rotary motion control where cost is critical. The EC5, EC15, EC20, and EC30 clutches are designed for dependable operation and low power consumption in a variety of OEM applications.

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