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Servo Motors with 24-Bit Encoders

Siemens Industry, Inc. announces a further reduction in lead times for Generation II of its Simotics 1FK7 servomotors. Highly-configurable to suit a wide variety of applications, this popular line features seven shaft heights...

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Single-Chip Magnetic Encoder for BLDC Motors

The iC-MH16 is a one-chip solution for magnetic sensor applications in fast motor control units. Combined with a diametrically magnetized permanent magnet, the tiny device in a QFN28 5mm x 5mm package can be used to create a robust, universal encoder...


Encoder Cables and Connectors

Encoders are devices to monitor the position of mechanical motion that generates digital signals in response to motion. There are two types of encoders: a linear type that responds to motion along a path and a rotary type that responds to rotational motion...

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M Sense B Encoder

Portescap introduces the new M Sense B Encoder, designed specifically for applications that require high accuracy in a compact design. The M Sense B is the first in its class to offer accuracy in the range of 1-1.5 degrees, covering a...


Flat Rotary Encoder

NUMERIK JENA’s Kit R rotary optical encoder is ideally suited for those motion feedback applications where installation space is limited. The scanning unit has a very low height profile of only 3.5mm and the thin graduation carrier disk...


Multi Wheel Encoder

Elma Electronic Inc. now offers a miniature rotary encoder that includes an illuminated 8+1 joystick, enabling seamless, accurate control using just one finger. The new Multi Wheel Encoder features Hall effect sensed incremental encoder output and 12 detents with magnetic...


Optical Kit-Style Linear Encoder

RSF Elektronik has released the MS 15 optical kit style linear encoder with the most advanced features available in the smallest mechanical profile in the industry. Available in North America through parent company HEIDENHAIN Corporation, the MS 15 is suited for motion applications in various industries such as metrology, semiconductor, medical, and...


Industrial Integrated Motor Systems for Machine Automation

Circular M12 connectors are now available on Lexium MDrive® integrated motor-drive-controller-encoder systems for industrial automation applications. Industry standard...

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Programmable Rotary Encoder

Newall's new RPE-PV programmable rotary encoder features a dynamic encoder resolution capability that allows users to easily program the resolution anywhere between 1 and 10,000 counts per revolution...

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Inductive Rotary Encoders with Functional Safety

Heidenhain is expanding its third generation of absolute inductive rotary encoders with the ExI 11xx series, providing a single encoder safety solution for many industries such as packaging, automation and robotics...


Compact, Precision Ball-Screw Stage with Linear Encoder

A compact, high-performance linear positioning stage, Aerotech’s MPS75SLE features exceptionally smooth travel combined with outstanding accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 25 nm...


Absolute Linear Kit Encoder with High Mounting Tolerances

HEIDENHAIN is adding another absolute linear kit encoder to its kit encoder family. The LIC 2100 series was developed as an addition to HEIDENHAIN’s LIC 4000/LIC 4100 encoders to serve applications where very high mounting tolerances and unlimited reliability are more important than maximum accuracy...


Motion System Selector for DC Motors

MICROMO has launched its Motion System Selector. The interactive parametric search tool helps OEMs and design engineers quickly and easily specify and analyze hundreds of thousands of different micro motor systems and purchase with the click of a mouse...

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High Current TTL Encoders

The ability to drive long cables and meet the high and low level voltage requirements for the transmitted signal is what sets the Leine & Linde High Current TTL (HC-TTL) output circuitry apart from its competition. The length of cable an encoder...


Rotary Encoders

POSITAL’s high-performance IXARC optical rotary encoders are now available with EtherCAT communications interfaces. EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a special form of industrial Ethernet that eliminates...



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