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Stainless Steel Gearbox

Neugart USA’s hygienic HLAE gearbox is the world’s first planetary gearbox certified to 3-A Sanitary Standards. Neugart products meeting this stringent certification for hygienic equipment design include the HLAE070, 090 and 110 gearbox series. All HLAE gearboxes are also certified to IP69K, the high...

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Right Angle Spiroid Gear

Designed to achieve maximum torque with minimal space maxon precision motors introduces right angle gearheads designed to be configured with maxon’s 22mm and 32mm dc motors. These compact, lightweight and high torque gearheads were developed to transmit power at 90deg in the smallest possible form factor. The Spiroid technology incorporated in the gearhead design offers a number of perform...

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Planetary Gearhead Ideal for High Torque Applications

Thanks to the sturdy construction, the Faulhaber metal Planetary Gearheads are ideal for applications which demand the highest torque. The new 17/1 gearhead is the latest addition to the Faulhaber gearhead product line in the 16 to 20 mm diameter range... 

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High-Precision Gears and Mechanical Components at MD&M West

Precipart will be exhibiting at MD&M West, February 11-13, 2014 in Anaheim, CA, with a wide range of high-precision machined parts, molded and assembled components used in medical devices.

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Configurable DC Motors and Gearheads

maxon motor’s  DCX series is being expanded with two new DC motors. The GPX 22 gearhead is now also available in a version with reduced noise level and with ceramic axes.

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One of the Few 1000:1 Ratios in the Industry

Groschopp has announced the release of an additional five ratios to their standard PL7300 planetary gearbox product line. In addition to our current robust design, we have nearly doubled our yield torque creating a longer life and use in a wider range of applications.

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32 mm Planetary Gearhead for High Radial Loads

maxon motor has added two new gearheads to the already successful GP 32 program. Significant improvements have been made to the single-stage planetary gearhead: The planetary carrier has been reinforced, the bearings have been repositioned, and a ceramic version is now available.

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4.0-mm Micro Motor and Gearhead

maxon motor introduces the EC4, a 4 mm diameter brushless DC motor and gearhead. The typical issue found with micro drives of this size is the output power is too low for the application requirements because of the physical limitations.

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New Precision Gear & Dial Hubs from SI Designed To Fit Hubs with Limited Hub O.D., Eliminates Keys

A new series of precision gear & dial hubs from Sterling Instrument are designed to fit gears or dials, plus eliminate keys or splines.

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Family of 16 mm Metal Gear Motors

Nidec Copal (U.S.A.) Corporation of Torrance, CA has expanded their 0.630” (16 mm) OD brush and brushless DC gear motor product lines with the next generation MG16B...

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Right Angle Helical Gear Drives Feature Base or Panel Mount Design

A new series of right angle helical gear drives from Stock Drive Products (SDP) (ISO 9001:2000 Registered Manufacturer) feature base or panel mount design.

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Planetary Gearhead Is Designed for Low Noise Application Requirements

MICROMO introduces the new 32ALN (32A Low Noise) gearhead from FAULHABER. The new planetary gearhead, designed for low noise application requirements, is optimized in combination with brushless motors.

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70 Watt Brushless DC Motor With Gear and Encoder Options

maxon motor’s newly designed 70 Watts flat brushless motor delivers a max. continuous torque of 130 mNm at an efficiency of up to 85%. The new motor in its 45 mm diameter...

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Helical Gear Drives Feature Built-In Keyway Design

A new series of hollow-shaft right angle helical gear drives from Sterling Instrument (SI) (ISO 9001:2000+AS9100B Registered Manufacturer) feature built-in keyways plus left or right hand rotation.

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Gearheads Provide Robust Performance in Harsh Environments

Thomson introduces Micron AquaTRUE Planetary Gearheads, the industry’s only 100% stainless steel gearheads specifically designed to satisfy the demanding performance requirements...

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