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Voice Coil Actuator LAH08-15-000A

The VCA can control inhalation and exhalation valves on ventilators to provide the exact amount of air specified and the necessary reliability ...


Low-Cost Tin-Can Stepper Motors from Nippon Pulse Feature High Torque and Compact Size

Geared motors from Nippon Pulse are well-suited for fluid dispensing, pumps, valves and a host of other applications ...


Sound Masking Technology

Through proper design, a healthcare facility is able to get three systems in one ...

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Finger Stock Shielding

Beryllium copper's mechanical and electrical properties make it designed for EMI/RFI shielding ...

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New Anti-Rotational Design Ensures Actuator Accuracy: Housed Linear Actuator Model LAH13-11-000A

The Housed Linear Actuator Model LAH13-11-000A incorporates a shaft with flexures at both ends of travel that support the moving magnet field assembly.


EMI Shielding Metalized Fabric Gaskets

Tech-Etch offers Metalized Fabric over Elastomer Gaskets as standard strips with seven different profiles.

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Supershield Gaskets

New from Tech-Etch, Inc., unique Supershield 1000 Series is a Silicone or Fluorosilicone elastomer filled with conductive metal particles providing both high EMI shielding effectiveness and an environmental seal. The Supershield family uses eight...

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Compact Power Position Controller

The first product in maxon's new line is the high-performance EPOS4 module with detachable pin headers and two different power ratings. With a connector board, the modules can be combined into a ready-to-install compact solution. The position...

LISTED UNDER: Positioning Stages and Tables

Slotless Direct Drive Frameless Motors

Applimotion's UTS Series Slotless Direct Drive Frameless Motors are permanent magnet 3phase ring type, low profile, direct drive motors with large through hole available in 29-240mm diameters. For the ultimate in smooth operation when scanning...

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Positioning Feedback Cylinder

Camozzi Pneumatics designed the Series 6PF Positioning Feedback Cylinder to increase both precision and control in its pneumatic actuators. In compliance with ISO 15552 standards, the Series 6PF is equipped with a potentiometric transducer...


Medical-Grade Foot Switches

Whether in diagnostics, the operating theater or doctors’ surgeries, medical equipment must be operated intuitively if physicians and other medical staff are to be able to concentrate fully on their patients. In this field of very demanding man-machine...

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Permanent Magnet (Power Off) Brake

SEPAC designed the PMB Permanent Magnet Brake to provide OEMs with more than twice the torque-to-size ratio as conventional power off spring engaged brakes. (For example, a conventional 2” diameter spring engaged brake typically yields approx...

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Linear Motion Systems

The low cost, wide, stable platforms of the SAIBO SB-LGC Linear Motion Systems are available exclusively from LM76 in two sizes to meet load requirements up to 6000 N. (1349 lbs). These wide, low profile linear motion systems feature: Low noise...

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Low-Voltage 4-Quadrant Drive

American Control Electronics (ACE) introduces the DCR Series, a low-voltage 4-quadrant drive that provides control of PMDC motors in a variety of applications. The DCR Series is able to maintain variable speed control while batteries discharge...


BLDC Slotless Mini Motor

Portescap introduces the new 22ECP two-pole motors which balance speed and torque capabilities, bringing premium performance to the most commonly specified brushless motor working points. Part of Ultra EC platform of brushless slotless...

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