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NVIDIA powers many of the world's most sophisticated medical imaging devices and visualization solutions driving more accurate patient diagnosis, complex simulations, and a broad range of Higher...

The new USB Type-C connector recently introduced by JST Corporation, Waukegan, Illinois, features the next generation USB standard for data, power, and audio/video connections which allow for...

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Removable Lid Spring Pin Socket for QFN module

The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 14.5 gram actuation force per pin and cycle life of 100,000 insertions ...


P53 Hygienic Ultrasonic Sensors & Mounting Kits

This new, off the shelf, hygienic sensor solution has been designed for the pharmaceutical industry ...

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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Introducing New Gore Phaseflex Microwave/Rf Test Assemblies

New cable assemblies provide high-density test solution at 50 GHz in lightweight, compact package ...

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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Showcasing New Gore Phaseflex Microwave/Rf Test Assemblies at Edicon China 2017

To address these demanding requirements, Gore has introduced GORE PHASEFLEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies ...

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Mencom Corporation Announces the Modular Units for Multipole Rectangular Connectors

The Mencom modular insert series (MIXO) was designed to allow different types of connections housed in a single traditional rectangular enclosures ...

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Mill-Max Designs New Low Profile Target Connectors as Mates for Spring Connectors

Target connectors are used in place of SMT pads on a PCB as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins ...

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Anomet Radiopaque Clad Wire

Suitable for use with stents, guide wires, and related devices ...

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Spring Loaded Pins with Removable Pick and Place Caps for Automated Assembly

The 806 series features standard Mill-Max spring pins with removable caps which keep parts centered in the carrier tape pocket ...

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Finger Stock Shielding

Beryllium copper's mechanical and electrical properties make it designed for EMI/RFI shielding ...

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Press-fit PCB Pins for Plated Through-Holes

These new PCB pins feature multi-faceted (polygon) geometries and are suitable for solderless PCB termination or for direct soldering to the board for those situations requiring it ...

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Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors

Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors reduces board stack height by 15%.

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New Rectangular Hoods Allow for More Cables and Entry Holes

Designed with an upper and lower half, the hood compartment is connected by four screws with o-rings. This provides easy access when being assembled.

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Through-Hole Version 2mm Pitch Spring-Loaded Connectors

Mill-Max has added a through-hole version of 2mm pitch spring-loaded connectors to complement the series’ surface mount version.

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EMI Shielding Metalized Fabric Gaskets

Tech-Etch offers Metalized Fabric over Elastomer Gaskets as standard strips with seven different profiles.

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30 GHz Bandwidth Socket For Mixed Pitch BGA378

Socket your 378 pin BGA packages on any PCB without significant performance loss and without soldering.



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