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Ultra-Low Upright Freezer

Properly store samples in the efficient TSX Ultra-Low freezer from Thermo Fisher. A variable drive motor runs on low speed during stable conditions, saving on energy consumption and wear-and-tear. Programmable temperatures range from -50C to -86C; use...

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Dual ETC Cabinet Cooler

EXAIR's digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is now available for Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems installed on large or high heat load enclosures. An ETC Dual Cabinet Cooler system will keep electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Systems produce 20°F...

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Mokon Expands Temperature Range of Iceman Series Chillers to -20°F

Mokon’s line of Iceman Low Temperature chillers is now available with operating temperatures from -20°F to +20°F (-29°C to -7°C) and nominal capacities up to 12 Tons in both air and water-cooled condensing.

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Low Temperature Chillers

Mokon’s line of Iceman portable chillers has been expanded to deliver low temperature process fluids as cold as -10°F (-23°C) on models up to 10 Tons with both air and water-cooled condensing.

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This line of Iceman Central Chillers is designed to provide efficient and reliable centralized cooling. These air-cooled or water-cooled units, with capacities from 30 to 80 tons, feature both single and multiple-circuit designs.

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