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Filtered Containment Glove Boxes

Control and remove powders and aerosols with Terra’s ULPA-Filtered Containment Glove Box featuring adjustable airflow. This plastic glovebox comes with either two or four glove ports, accommodating one or two workers to complete critical...

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Shaking Water Bath

Now available on is the SB-12L Shaking Water Bath manufactured by Benchmark Scientific. Temperatures up to 80C are accurately controlled, and an orbital shaking motion gently rocks tubes and flasks. These baths are useful in labs for...

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Fluorinated Solvents for Precision Cleaning of Medical Devices

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. offers a series of fluorinated solvents that provide medical device manufacturers a safer, highly effective and environmentally friendly alternative to halogenated solvents. The AsahiKlin AE-3000 Series solvents are approved for use...

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Automated Handwashing System

Whether you’re completing a Six Sigma program, or staying ahead of the “c” in cGMP, you can be confident that your brand is protected with Meritech’s newest innovation - the CleanTech 2000SCA Automated Handwashing System with turnstile controlled access feature and additional...

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Aqueous Parts Washer

MecWash Systems Introduces Maxi Parts Washer to the United States Chagrin Falls, OH – MecWash Systems introduces the Maxi, a fully automatic, highly customizable, self-contained aqueous cleaning system that meets the highest aerospace, automotive, and hydraulic industry cleanliness standards. Ideal for cleaning large individual components or smaller components with high volumes, the Maxi h...

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Steam Cleaning Technology for Industrial Part Cleaning

With its EcoCSteam system, Dürr Ecoclean has developed a new eco-friendly cleaning technology that reliably removes both particulate and film-type contamination from parts and surfaces of diverse materials without any use of chemicals.

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SMD Components, PCB Boards, and Solder Training Kits

Practical Components and its sister company Practical Tools will showcase its latest tools and technology in booth #1856 at the upcoming Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West Exposition...

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Connectors Tout Desirable Contact and Cleaning

Molex Incorporated introduced SlimStack B8 connectors, featuring a robust housing and unique CleanPoint contact for removing flux and other contaminants to provide desirable electrical reliability. These 0.40-mm pitch SMT board-to-board connectors, with a 0.80-mm height and

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Water Pre-saturated Cleaning Wipes

JNJ Industries packages Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), a universal cleaning agent, in two different formulations and with two distinct wipe substrate materials so that they can serve a wide range of industries.

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Dry Ice Cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods in the medical device manufacturing industry can be time consuming, ineffective and costly. Dry ice blast cleaning is a quick, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.

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New White Paper Helps Medical Device Manufacturers Validate Cleaning Processes

A free white paper that guides manufacturers of medical devices in the validation of their cleaning processes is available from Microtest Laboratories.

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Lens Cleaning Kit Improves Laser Performance

A laser optics lens cleaning kit that lets technicians in the field remove spatter and blow-back from CO2 laser optics to optimize laser performance is available from Laser Research Optics.

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