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Single-Sided Right-Angle Head Aggregate

BENZ Inc.‘s new single-sided right-angle head aggregate was designed to machine holes or grooves into workpiece edges horizontally. The head’s material top-floating capacity also allows you to machine at a highly consistent distance from the top...

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FDA Compliance Training for Mobile Devices

Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers recognize that regulatory inspection is a normal part of their business. Yet many companies are unprepared or do not know the best practices for writing effective standard operating procedures...

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Special Toolholder

Briney Tooling Systems is well-known for their custom and special toolholder design and build capabilities. They have a special design team in place that works daily with customer’s to design and build the special tools needed for a wide array of applications...

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Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks

Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks from Royal Products, a leading U.S. manufacturer of machine tool performance accessories, are setting a new standard in workholding productivity by reducing collet change-overs to 10 seconds. “Royal Products’ Quick-Grip CNC...

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High-Performance Solid Carbide End Mills

Emuge Corp. today announced the introduction of an extensive line of high-performance solid carbide end mills for applications ranging from universal milling to aerospace and high hardness machining. This new line further broadens the depth of Emuge’s rotary...

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Controller for Dot Peen Marking Systems

Automator America announces release of the AC500-3.0 Universal Controller for their line of pneumatic, electric and scribe marking systems. The AC500 Universal Dot Peen controller has been the benchmark for the marking industry since its release in 2010...

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Small Part Machining

The latest addition is a new compact KMH-300A Direct Drive model. The machine features a 40-Taper, 12,000 RPM, 12.6" (320 mm) dual pallet, perfect for small automotive part machining and general job shop parts that require 40 taper tooling. Methods is offering additional options, such as rotary tables integrated into the KIWA Horizontal machines as well as pallet shuttling capabilities to e...

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Wireless 5 Axis Rotary Tombstone

The First 5 Axis Wireless Rotary Tombstone! In today's environment, 5 axis has become a necessity. It helps push shops towards limitless capabilities. KME CNC's new five axis tombstone configuration has advanced even further. It now allows shops to do 5 axis machining wirelessly. They can now upgrade all of their existing horizontal equipment to 5 axis machining with even lesser limitations....

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Ultra-fast, Ultra-Accurate 3D Digitizers for Quality Inspection

Based on MVE full-frame 3D snapshot technology, NX3D digitizers provide the most accurate 3D data on the market for inline metrology and real-time industrial inspection...

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Maintenance-Free Venturi Vacuum Pump

Vaccon’s RTM series vacuum cartridges and pumps, ideally suited for the packaging industry, replace failed or clogged multi-stage pumps to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Unlike multi-stage cartridges, Vaccon’s single stage cartridges allow dirt, dust and debris to pass through the pump without clogging. RTM cartridges thread directly into existing multi-stage vacuum pumps and...

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Slide Forming Machinery

Connecticut Spring & Stamping announced that it offers accurate, repeatable and powerful slide forming machinery, ideal for economical production of intricate springs, stampings, and wire forms...

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Advanced Fiber Laser Micromachining System

IPG Photonics Corporation, the world leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, has introduced the IX-200-F, an advanced fiber laser micromachining system for general purpose...

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Miniature Infrared Touch Probe for Micro-machining Applications

Hexagon Metrology announced the availability of the m&h IRP40.50 infrared touch probe for the North American market. The IRP40.50 is ideal for inspection in tight spaces, and was designed to address the needs of miniature machining centers...

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Laser Machine Tools

Control Micro Systems’ line of turnkey laser tools provide marking, cutting, welding, drilling and scribing processes optimized to the unique requirements of medical device manufacturers. They use lasers spanning the entire light spectrum in both high average power and high peak power configurations.

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End Mill Delivers High-rate Metal Removal

5ME alters the “balance of power” in titanium cutting with the innovative design of its 20-flute CYCLO CUT Max-Flute end mill, capable of removing up to 12 in3/min with only 45 ft lb of torque and 12 hp. Max-Flute tools use shallow, radial widths of cut, which transfers less heat to the cutting tool.

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