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Precision Measuring Tools, Gages, Fixtures, Systems and Software

Mahr Federal will feature the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus, along with the MarVision MM 320, the MarVision QM 300, and MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators at the first Metrology Solutions Expo...

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Digital Data Acquisition cards

The Spectrum M4i.77xx series of Digital Data Acquisition cards represent a major performance breakthrough for test engineers who require high-speed digital data logging with multi-channel logic analysis over extended time periods...

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Cable and Harness Testing System Calibration Verification Board

CAMI Research Inc. (Acton, MA) announces a new board for its CableEye cable and harness testing systems. Populated with precision resistors, it allows users to determine empirically whether the tester requires calibration. The CB50 may...

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Barcode Verifiers

With Microscan’s 25 August 2015 acquisition of verification systems innovator Label Vision Systems (LVS), Microscan’s technology portfolio now comprehensively addresses factory automation challenges from product packaging and labeling compliance...

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Barcode Reading Interface

Microscan introduces the world’s first browser-based barcode reader interface. Set up, test, control, and monitor MicroHAWK barcode readers from the web browser of your choice using the intuitive WebLink user interface. Simply enter a reader’s...

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Barcode Readers

Designed with users in mind, MicroHAWK offers small-scale and intuitive barcode readers for industrial applications. The MicroHAWK family introduces three ultra-compact barcode imagers with configurable hardware and firmware options all within the...

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Amplified/Non Amplified + Encoder Input USB

The USB520 serves as a general-purpose controller and amplifier. It eliminates the need for power supply and display equipment, which makes space constraints less of a challenge and allows plug-and-play connection to a PC...

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Encoder Readout

The Velmex VRO Digital Readout delivers precise position information generate by linear or rotary incremental encoders. This compact, microprocessor uses the latest OLED display and DSP micro-controller technology. While the VRO was...

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LXI/Ethernet Digitizer

For applications where fast electronic signals in the GHz range must be remotely acquired and analyzed, Spectrum has extended its popular digitizerNETBOX series of LXI based instruments by releasing eight new models. Available with two, four or eight fully...

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5 GS/s Digitizers

Spectrum is offering a solution to engineers and scientists looking to capture and analyze fast electronic signals in the DC to 1.5 GHz frequency range. The company has greatly extended the performance of its PCIe based instruments by adding nine new models to its M4i series of digitizers...

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High Resolution PCIe Cards

Elsys Instruments, a leading manufacturer of custom and standard fast, high-precision data acquisition systems, has expanded its family of LAN controlled transient recorders with a new, cost-effective series of high resolution PCIe data...

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Isolated ECG/EMG/EEG/GSR Biopotential Recording Module

iWorx Systems has introduced the IX-B3G multichannel biopotential recording module that allows recording of up to three channels of ECG, EMG, or EEG as well as GSR (galvanic skin response)...

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Data Logger (1571)

Using the Windows compatible software supplied, the EL-USB-1 can be configured to measure temperatures from -25 to 80&#176C.

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