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When Clippard invented miniature regulators in 1962, the MAR Series became very popular as a simple, robust, and cost-effective regulator in a small package with exceptionally long life. As...

NVIDIA powers many of the world's most sophisticated medical imaging devices and visualization solutions driving more accurate patient diagnosis, complex simulations, and a broad range of Higher...

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Meller Sapphire and Ruby Balls

Meller Sapphire and Ruby Balls feature Mohs 9 hardness which is second only to diamond ...

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Stafford 3-D Positioning System

The Stafford 3-D Positioning System consists of a robust group of mounting components, including a base which can securely ...

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Conveyor System Components

Manufactured from aluminum, stainless, steel, specialty alloys, and plastics, in one- and two-piece clamp types ...

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Stafford Positive Lock Shaft Collars

Stafford Positive Lock Shaft Collars feature a spring-loaded ball which can precisely fit into either a detent or a groove ...

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Meller Sapphire Centrifuge Windows

A line of sapphire UV cell windows for Beckman centrifuges from Miller Optics Inc. that simplify field replacement ...

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Stafford Metric Shaft Components

Available in 3 mm to 80 mm I.D. sizes, Stafford Metric Shaft Components are offered in aluminum ...

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Engineered Springs for Medical Devices

These components are custom-designed to meet demanding design challenges in medical devices.


C6 Detent Hinge

The C6 Detent Hinge serieshas an improved design that provides increased corrosion resistance for applications in the medical industry that require doors and panels to be held securely at predetermined angles.

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AV Display Mounts

Southco, Inc., has expanded its AV Display Mount offering with three new heavy duty models that provide robust functionality and design flexibility to accommodate larger, heavier displays. The AV-D40 Series includes a Tilt and Swivel Mount...

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Brass Inserts for Plastics

Type MSIB microPEM brass inserts from PennEngineering provide reusable metal threads to attach plastics securely in compact electronic assemblies. Their unique symmetrical shape will accommodate either straight or tapered holes and...


Spring-Energized Seals

A new technical catalog published by Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. provides engineers and designers with detailed information about how spring-energized seals can be used to address reciprocating and static/face sealing challenges. The 28-page...


Wall Mount Adapter for Enclosures

OKW’s largest CARRYTEC handheld instrument enclosures can now be wall mounted for charging and data transfer. The company has created a new adapter that allows the existing desktop station for CARRYTEC size L to be attached to a...

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Single-Use Instrument Tees

Instrument tee fittings have been a staple in the stainless steel world for years, and until now, a viable single-use option has never existed. Nordson MEDICAL worked with a leading facility design firm to make new products...


PEM Type Self-Clinching Nuts

New PEM Type SMPP self-clinching nuts from PennEngineering install permanently in ultra-thin stainless steel sheets and provide dimensionally ideal solutions for stainless assemblies where space for attachment hardware may be limited...


UV-Resistant Polypropylene Couplings

The New 60PP-Black Series couplings offer 3/8” flow size and are produced from medical grade, gamma sterilizable, UV-resistant polypropylene. The solid “Black-out” color allows the ability to color key applications, as well as makes these couplings...



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