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Anomet Clad Metal Wire

Custom precious metal composite clad wire that can be manufactured to OEM requirements for use in fuel cells, batteries, and other military, medical ...

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Custom Clad Metal Wire

Custom manufactured clad metal wire that can combine properties such as high strength and conductivity, radiopacity, and biocompatibility to improve design flexibility is available from Anomet Products of Shrewsbury, MA. Anomet Medical Clad Metal Wire can be formulated to achieve...

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Metal Materials for Additive Manufacturing

EOS, the technology and market leader for design-driven and industrial Additive Manufacturing solutions, expands its metal materials portfolio with EOS Titanium Ti64ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L.

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Porous Metal Products Used In Medical Device Designs

Porous metal has been widely used in advanced technology applications and has found a number of uses in the design and manufacture of medical devices.

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Porous Tungsten Components

Mott Corporation announces the availability of porous metal components and filters made from tungsten to meet the most challenging conditions. Mott’s porous tungsten is stable at extremely high temperatures...

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Precious Metal Clad Wire Is One-Tenth Cost Of Pure Precious Metal

Anomet Precious Metal Clad Wire features precious metal metallurgically bonded to a core material with 2% or more cladding thickness offered in sizes from 0.002” to 0.125” O.D.

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Precious Metal Clad Products

Company’s products are metallurgically bonded to a core material to meet specific high-reliability requirements for contact- and corrosion-resistance, biocompatibility, or to simply reduce material cost.

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