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Specialized Medical-grade Fabrics

Sefar recently created the new SEFAR MEDITEX label, a single brand to unify the specialized medical-grade fabric lines. All fabrics under this brand are carefully produced to ensure they are suitable for use in diagnostic testing...


Medical Converting Capabilities

Fabrico Medical works with medical OEMs and contract manufacturers to test and recommend the right materials, converting services, and advanced assembly methods in order to deliver high quality medical device components...

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Wearable Device Components for Stick-to-Skin Applications

Fabrico Medical can produce components for body-worn diagnostic “mechanized” devices, such as patch pumps and continuous glucose monitors, used in various medical therapies and diagnostic applications.


World’s Thinnest, High-strength UHMWPE Fiber

DSM is expanding its Dyneema Purity fiber portfolio and is commercially launching the thinnest, high-strength, medical-grade UHMWPE fiber available on the market, Dyneema Purity 10 dtex fiber. The fiber will be available in both white and blue...

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Breakthrough Drug Delivery Platform for Implantable Devices

TissueGen, developer of a cutting-edge absorbable polymer technology for implantable drug delivery across a wide variety of therapeutic applications, today announced that its patented extrusion technology enables absorbable fibers to be loaded with a wider variety of drugs and biologically-based entities than ever previously possible.

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Novel Absorbable Scaffold for Breakthrough Surgical Applications

Biomedical Structures, LLC (BMS), a designer, developer and manufacturer of biomedical textiles for medical devices and other advanced clinical applications, announced its BIOFELT® absorbable scaffold for implant devices...

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Expanded Capabilities in Weaving Medical Textiles for Vascular Grafts

Biomedical Structures LLC (BMS), a developer of biomedical textiles for medical devices and other advanced clinical applications, today announced new capabilities for the high-precision...


Secant Medical’s New Branding Effort and Biomedical Textile Development Services Highlighted

Secant Medical exhibited its specialized biomedical textile development services, and launched its aggressive new marketing and branding strategy at MD&M West.


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