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Multi-Application Thermal Transfer Printer

The LW-PX800 is designed to replace multiple workstation label printers with a single workplace label printer. Multiple users can print to the same printer from their desktops, smart phones and tablets. Wi-Fi lets users easily connect with over...


PC-Compatible Thermal Transfer Printer

K-Sun Corp. introduces the next generation of cost-saving, multi-industry, label, heat-shrink tube and bar-code printers—the LW-PX900. K-Sun and Epson co-developed this rugged, portable and PC-compatible thermal transfer printer by creating exclusive...

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Thermal Printer and Chart Recorder

JADAK, a manufacturer of machine vision, radio-frequency identification (RFID), bar code scanning and printing solutions for the health care and life sciences industries, will introduce the XE-80P, a portable, battery-powered thermal printer and chart recorder...

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Automatic Film Splicers

Butler Automatic announces that its 1000 Series Automatic Film Splicer is ideal for improving uptime and increasing throughput in applications utilizing wide, non-woven substrates. The 1000 Series is used in applications including printing, packaging...

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Digital Press

Ardeje is introducing its new proprietary digital press A 7000 for the medical device industry. Capable of printing UV/LED for parts up to 550mm or 21.6 inches in height, this digital press can print on most substrates including most...


Unique Device Identifier Compliance Solution

QAD Inc. announced today it has developed a solution for medical device manufacturers to help meet the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) rules as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA issued a rule to establish a system...

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High Resolution Printing Technology for Non-porous Substrates

Responding to the needs for high resolution coding on non-porous packaging, Videojet Technologies has introduced its latest innovation in thermal ink jet printers, the Videojet 8610...


General Labeling Software

The K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL General Labeling Solution pairs the new PEARLabel 400iXL Energy-Star certified, wide-format thermal transfer printer with powerful new PC software for industrial and safety labeling, wide heat shrink tube markers...

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New Generation Barcode Scanner Printing System

Pad Print Machinery of Vermont has taken the standard hand held barcode scanner and integrated it into their machines, creating a new generation of custom inkjet and pad printers. When the barcode scanner option is installed in the printing system, the risk of improper parameters being loaded when changing from one print job to the next is virtually eliminated...

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Roll-to-roll Nanoimprint Lithography System

EV Group (EVG) introduced the EVG 570R2R—the industry's first roll-to-roll thermal nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tool.

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Label Printer Systems with Lifetime Warranty

K-Sun is introducing the new PEARLabel® 270 and PEARLabel® 360 label printers with an unrivaled lifetime warranty, mobile printing app, wider formats, new intuitive software and expanded bar coding...

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