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PMP65 Series - 65W Medical AC/DC Power Adapter

The PMP65 Series accepts an input voltage range of 85-265VAC for worldwide use and offers six single output voltages ...

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Chip Size 0.65mm Pitch BGA Socket Adapter

Ironwood Electronics' new high performance socket - SFS-BGA200B-52 allows 0.65mm pitch, 11x14.5mm body, 12X22 array 200 ball BGA package to be placed in socket and operated without compromising performance in high...

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300W Fanless AC/DC Desktop Power Supply

TRUMPower is pleased to announce the TMA300 series of medical & ITE grade AC/DC desktop power adapters. Offering high power of 300W, the TMA300 series complies with energy efficiency level VI standards. Class I or Class II versions are equipped with...

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160W Green Medical Power Adaptors

Sunpower has added a 160W version to their Mean Well GSM family of green medical power adaptors. This new product, named GSM160B, complies with IEC60601-1 3rd edition, EN60601-1-11 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1-11 household medical regulations...

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Switch-Mode AC-DC Regulator

The AP3785T AC-DC primary-side switched-mode power supply controller introduced by Diodes Incorporated is aimed at 8W to 15W 5V output USB chargers that necessitate ultra-low standby power. This market requirement is driven by smart phones and...

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60-65W Desktop Power Adapters

Get a head start in meeting the new energy efficiency standards starting with our TTA65 series of 60-65W desktop power adapters, which meets DoE level VI, Energy Star, ErP stage II, NRCan & GEMS level VI efficiency standards. Measuring 115mm x 53mm x 38mm...

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310W Desktop Medical Power Supply

Power Partners, Inc. releases a new 310 Watt medical grade desktop power supply from their PEAMD Series of AC/DC adapters. The 310 Watt unit is packed for impressive performance inside a compact case measuring 7.8” x 4” x 2” with a weight...

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Power Adapters

TRUMPower introduces its new TSM100 series of medical grade power adapters that deliver many hard-to-find dual and triple output voltages. The TSM100 class I units meet 2 MOPP and are furnished with an IEC 320/C14 AC inlet plus optional power switch...

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Step-Down DC/DC Power Module

Intersil Corporation today announced the ISL8203M, a dual 3A/single 6A step-down DC/DC power module that simplifies power supply design for FPGAs, ASICs, microprocessors, DSPs and other...

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Medical Grade AC/DC Desktop Power Adapters

Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower launches the TMP60 series of medical grade AC/DC desktop power adapters, which deliver up to 40 watts of dual to triple outputs power. Meeting CEC and Energy Star level IV requirements, the TMP60 power supplies (dual/triple output models) have an average efficiency 68-74% minimum and standby power consumption less th...

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90W Medical Power Adapters

TRUMPower unveils the TMP92 series of low cost medical grade AC/DC desktop power adapters. Packaged in a low profile black-colored plastic enclosure, the unit has a compact size of 5.51 x 2.80 x 0.87 inches. The TMP92 Class II units...

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High Performance 90 W Medical Adapters

In response to the medical electrical device market’s demand for highly reliable power supplies, Sunpower has released the Mean Well GSM90B series of high performance 90 W desktop type medical adapters. The entire Series has numerous international certifications that qualify...

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Low-Wattage AC/DC Adapters

Sunpower has announced its new GSM18/25/36 series of 18W, 25W and 36W high efficiency medical grade AC-DC power adapters. These extend the popular GSM40A/60A 40W and 60W low wattage series...

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Multi-Axis Machine Controller

Aerotech has introduced a motion control industrial computer option for its Automation 3200 Multi-Axis Machine Controller. The A3200 Automation Controller provides...

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Wall Mount Adapters Available With USB Charger

Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower launches its new TMW7 series of medical wall mount adapters which are available with a USB socket on the case or an output cable with a DC plug.

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