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Power Distribution Series

Mencom power distribution series provides a cost effective and time efficient plug and play solution for your industrial motor, machine and power applications. This easy to use industrial circular connectors provide a quick disconnect option for applications...

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Directional Couplers

Designed for a 50Ω characteristic impedance, they offer a turnkey surface mount solution for high frequency power monitoring. The four port couplers are excellent for high frequency signal monitoring applications where board space is a premium...

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Portable Power Source with 3kV Medical-Grade Isolation

Medical isolation transformer box is certified to UL 60601-1 2nd edition and CAN/CSA C22.2 No.601.1; toroidal construction provides high isolation, low leakage and low radiated magnetic fields; ungrounded neutral limits chassis leakage current...

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120-150W LED Driver

Power Partners, Inc. launches the release of their 120-150W LED Driver, the PDL120U-C Series. The PDL120U-C devices provide 10kV lightning surge protection and smart over-temperature protection, while including additional protection features to withstand dis...

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Block Filters for Single-Phase Systems

SCHURTER is expanding its portfolio of block filters for single-phase systems, with its new FMAB NEO series. This single-phase filter is extremely compact, considering its highly effective symmetrical attenuation in the lower frequency range. The filter performance...

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Resistive Power Divider Series

Model series 151-215-XXX is a family of resistive power dividers in 2, 4, 6 and 8 way configurations. These 50 Ohm, 1 watt average power devices have an operating frequency range of DC-6 GHz. Insertion loss above theoretical loss is + 1.0 dB nominal for 2 and 4 way...

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Industry’s Lowest Power Digital Isolators

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the new Analog Devices Inc (ADI) ADuM144x Quad-channel Digital Isolators, boasting the lowest power of any digital isolators today. The Analog Devices ADuM1440/1442/1445/1446/1447 Quad-Channel Digital Isolators available from Mouser Electronics are based on ADI's proprietary iCoupler technology...

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Increased Performance and Reduced Cost for Switching Regulators

Minmax Power announced expansion of their M78A and M78SA switching regulators that are pin-compatible and size-compatible with older and less-efficient LM78xx devices.

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USB Travel Power Station

Stop wasting time and space carrying multiple charging adapters and looking for a place to plug them in! Quail's unique USB Travel Power Station and USB Power Plate do the hard work for you, whether on the road or in the convenience of your home.

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19 Inch Rack-Mount Power Distribution Unit

Interpower Corporation announces a 19” rack-mount power distribution unit with an unterminated 2.5mm² harmonized power cord. This power distribution unit, part number 852Q2K19 has 8 Sheet F and 3 Sheet J outlets.

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Medical Desktop Switcher

Responding to the demand for higher power portable medical devices, the PMP150 Series of medically approved desktop AC/DC power supplies is offered. These units provide 150 Watts of power in an ultra-compact 3.0 inches&#215 8.17 inches&#215 1.72 inches package.

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Power Entry Module (2989)

Refined for optimal performance at the lowest price, the Series 5120 filtered power entry module is particularly suited for single-phase power supplies used in Medical Devices, which are governed by stringent EMC emission and immunity standards.

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Distribution Block

The 1KPP-3KPP and 1KPP-4KPP low voltage distribution boxes allow the distribution of DC power from an off-the-shelf power supply using the industry standard three- or four-pin locking plug to three equivalent three- or four-pin locking jacks.

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Accessory Power Module

The filtered Sheet F outlet accessory power modules are intended for medical equipment applications where the combination of filtering and AC power entry for detachable Sheet E power cords or cordsets in one component is advantageous.

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