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Miniature Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Clark Solutions introduces two miniature air operated diaphragm pumps: the MID and the CU15, both ATEX certified for potentially explosive atmospheres. These durable air driven diaphragm pumps are an ideal choice for environmental/process emission...

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Diaphragm Pump

Gardner Denver Thomas Inc.'s advanced diaphragm pump 1610 combines precise and consistent performance with very low sound levels. In addition, the new THOMAS 1610 design provides fast evacuation times for all applications where speed is key...

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Diaphragm Pumps

Clark Solutions’ Boxer 5100 Diaphragm Pumps are designed for the pumping and/or transfer of gases. These high performance OEM pumps can be configured for serial or parallel operation in order to deliver smooth and level flow, often eliminating the need for dampening components...

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OEM Diaphragm Liquid Pump Provides Twice the Flow, Half the Pulsation

KNF Neuberger announced the launch of the new NFB 100 diaphragm liquid pump, which boasts two pump heads driven by one motor. In parallel connection mode, the alternating operation of the pump heads results in smooth and level flow, reducing...

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Micro Diaphragm Pump for Small Portable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices

A new micro diaphragm pump from the Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation is specifically designed for the needs of portable medical devices for advanced wound care. The Parker T2-05-IC micro diaphragm pump provides the negative pressure...

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Smallest 200+ PSIG Continuous-use Liquid Diaphragm Pump

KNF Neuberger has announced the launch of its NF2.35 liquid micro diaphragm pump, delivering 235 PSIG continuously and maintenance-free throughout its entire lifetime. With a flow rate of 100 ml/min at 235 PSIG, this new pump offers a potent combination of micro size, high pressure, and durability.

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Pumps Bring Reliability to Gas and Leak Detection Warning Devices

Designed for handheld gas and leak detection warning devices, the new 1010 Series diaphragm compressors and pumps from Thomas have been tested for 4,000 hours of nonstop operation providing the utmost in reliability and safety.

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Precision Molded Medical Components and Assemblies

Medical equipment manufacturers seeking a qualified manufacturing partner will find this brochure particularly useful. It details Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’ 65 years of experience in the medical components...

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Solenoid-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pump

The new KNF FMM80 solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump introduces an ideal solution to dispense liquids accurately in adjustable volumes between 30 ml/stroke and 80 ml/stroke.

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Smaller Brushless DC Motor Standard for OEM Diaphragm Pumps

KNF introduces a new small brushless DC motor (Type BL30) as standard and readily available for integration into a wide range of liquid and gas diaphragm pumps for OEM applications.

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Fast Cure and Flashless LIMS

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America recently premiered advanced technical demonstrations with industry leading equipment partners at NPE 2012. The demos featured Shin-Etsu’s KEG-2000 LIMS...

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Fast Cure and Flashless LIMs Products

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America will be participating in daily technical demonstrations with industry leading equipment partners at NPE 2012 (April 2-5/Orlando, FL). The demos will display...

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High-Pressure Micro Diaphragm Pump

The new KNF “Type NF1.25” micro diaphragm pump introduces an ideal high-pressure solution for dosing or transferring liquids or liquid-gas mixtures at flow rates up to 300 ml/min.

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Diaphragm Micropump For Air And Gases

The KNF “Type NMP05” diaphragm micropump for sampling air and gases combines high performance with precision miniature packaging to deliver smooth-running...

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Diaphragm Mini Pumps Introduce ‘Built-To-Suit’ Solutions

KNF diaphragm mini pumps and compressors introduce highly customized “built-to-suit” pump solutions benefiting OEMs with a wide range of available features and options...

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