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Biosensors allow the analysis of complex biological media. The detection of a large number of compounds is of great relevance, not only for scientific research but also for process control in the...

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IST AG Out of Liquid sensor

The IST AG Out of Liquid sensor utilizes the reliable and proven thermal mass flow measuring principle and is specially developed for flow applications with aggressive media. The sensor provides the flexibility of easy adaption in an application and at a lower cost. Measuring flow directly in a liquid channel has proven a difficult task without dramatically shortening the lifetime and damaging...

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IST AG MicroFlowSens

The IST AG MicroFlowSens technology was developed for fast flow measurements. Due to the membrane system, the thermal mass is reduced to the minimum resulting in a very fast response time and low power consumption. In addition to measuring flow rates, the MicroFlowSens offers an outstanding sensitivity and is able to detect flow direction. The MFS flow sensor is optimal for limited space system...

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FS2 flow sensors for measuring gas flow and direction

The IST AG FS2 flow sensors are applicable in gas and offers excellent long-term stability. In addition to measuring flow rates, the FS2 is able to detect flow direction with outstanding sensitivity. Further advantages of the FS2 flow sensor include: Simple signal processing Simple calibration Bare sensor resists up to +450 °C (customer specific) Stable platinum technology Excellent...

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FS7 flow sensors

The IST AG FS7 flow sensors are the successors of the FS5 flow sensors and exhibit a symmetrical heater design and enhanced sensitivity. The FS7 flow sensor is applicable in gas and offer excellent long-term stability. The small thermal mass of the FS7 sensor provides a fast response time. Additionally, the standard FS7 sensor is also available with a housing which is easily implemented into...

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IST AG - RealProbeTemp (RPT)

The RealProbeTemp is a pre-assembled stainless steel probe for the simplified manufacturing of temperature probes. The RPT provides an outstanding response time. The construction of the RealProbeTemp allows a minimized immersion depth (e.g. liquids at a depth of 10 mm or in some cases slightly less). Therefore it is an optimal solution in applications with limited space and pipe diameter....

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IST AG Platinum RTD - 600 °C Series

The IST AG 600 °C Series offers excellent long-term stability and fast response time with low self-heating within a temperature range of -200 °C to +600 °C.​ The 600 °C Series is a standard solution for various temperature applications. The RTD temperature sensor is suitable for welding, crimping and brazing. Furthermore, the 600 °C Series is vibration and temperature shock resistant and can be...

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LV5 - Flow-through biosensor for glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate

Biosensors allow the analysis of complex biological media. The detection of a large number of compounds is of great relevance, not only for scientific research but also for process control in the chemical and food industry. It is also indispensable in the healthcare field for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and monitoring of illnesses. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries...

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New Bio sensors from IST AG

Reliable enzyme based amperometric Bio sensors provide excellent long term monitoring of living organisms. Enzymes are immobilized in a stack of four permeable polymeric membranes on top of a platinum micro electrode. Multi parametric measurement is provided for glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate, which play an important role in the metabolism of living organisms.

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Thin Film Conductiviy Sensor

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG has combined thin- and thick-film technologies to develop ceramic-based conductivity sensors that include a resistive temperature sensor (Pt1000 IEC 60751 F0.3), thus allowing for accurate compensation at the point of measurement.  The conductivity sensor consists of two current electrodes and two measuring electrodes. This basic design can be adjusted to...


Thin Film Capacitive Relative Humidity Sensor

Capacitive RH sensors consist of a ceramic substrate on which a thin film of polymer is deposited between two conductive electrodes. The sensing surface is coated with a microporous metal electrode, allowing the polymer to absorb moisture while protecting it from contamination and exposure to condensation. As the polymer absorbs water, the dielectric constant changes incrementally and is nearly...


Temperature Sensors IC

The Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG TSic sensors consist of chip-integrated and calibrated temperature sensors with an integrated signal converter for analog, digital or ratiometric signal output. The TSic product family offers a measurement accuracy from ±0.5 K to  ±0.1 K and also medium (0.1 K) to high (0.034 K, 0.004 K) signal resolution for optimal temperature control. The measurement...


Nickel Temperature Sensor

The Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG nickel temperature sensors provide solutions for precise temperature measurement applications. The sensors operate within a temperature range of -60 °C to +300 °C and are available with various TCRs such as 6180 ppm/K (Nickel ND), 5000 ppm/K (Nickel NL), 6370 ppm/K (Nickel NJ), 6720 ppm/K (Nickel NA) and different Balco polynomials). IST AG sensors are...


Platinum Temperature Sensor

The Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG platinum temperature sensors provide solutions for extreme temperature applications and are designed with the highest quality materials, allowing them to operate within a temperature range of -200 °C to +1000 °C.  Standard IEC 60751 sensors are offered in class F0.3 (0.12 %), class F0.15 (0.06 %), F0.1 (0.04 %), and higher accuracies upon request. The IST...


Comprehensive System Level Integration of Our Micromachined Thin Film Sensors

Do you have a challenging application? Our highly qualified technical teams can offer you consulting, development, and production assistance for your project. Our application development department can act as an interface between your application and our sensor components. This is especially valuable in working with our more complex flow, humidity, and conductivity sensors. We employ our...

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Flow Sensors

The Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG thin film mass flow sensors offer solutions for a wide variety of flow applications. The thin film and membrane technologies incorporate highly accurate temperature sensors and heaters as core elements on the sensors. The sensors are applicable in gas (operating temperature range of -20 °C to +400 °C) and liquid (operating temperature range of -50 °C to +...

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