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Environmentally Controlled Room for Injection Molding

Diversified Plastics, Inc. has just finished building an environmentally controlled room for injection molding parts that require a cleaner-than-normal manufacturing environment, but not as clean as a certified clean room. The 1,800 square foot space will...

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Extrusion Process Technology for Thermoplastic PTFE

RAUMEDIC will be presenting the latest developments in extrusion, molding and assembly at the Minnesota Medtech Week, the healthtech industry event of this autumn. RAUMEDIC, which is building a new development and production center in Mills...

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Liquid Injection Molding System

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. (SESA: A U.S. subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan), recently premiered advanced overmolding technical demonstrations with industry leading equipment partners at NPE 2015...

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Molding Services in Cleanroom Environment

Sil-Pro has announced the completion of 6,000 additional square feet of ISO Class 7 cleanroom space. The new space is a response to an increased demand for contract manufacturing/assembly applications, as well as thermoplastic molding, by new and existing customers...

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PEEK Molded Medical Components

Medical components custom molded of PEEK from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MR&P) improve performance while reducing costs. The company has proven experience...

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High-Heat Molding Cell

PTI will be offering their customers a high-heat molding process commonly used with plastic resins like PEEK. This new molding cell has two injection molding machines outfitted for handling high process temperatures as high as 850° F and mold...

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Enhanced Roboshot All-Electric Injection Molding Machine

Milacron Plastics Technologies, a worldwide supplier of plastics-processing technologies, continues to offer the enhanced and top-selling Roboshot all-electric injection molding machine. New improvements to the machine offer customers unprecedented flexibility in their molding process.

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Component Miniaturization in a Broad Range of Materials Offers More Options

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides custom miniaturized components in a broad range of materials, giving designers more options and greater flexibility.

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Overmolding Plastic on Medical Devices

Diversified Plastics has installed a Newbury/VanDorn 80-ton vertical rotary injection molding machine. This gives the company expanded capabilities along with additional production support.

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Small Mold Parts

Small or Miniature Parts maintain the same precision and quality as our Micro-Molded parts do, they are simply a bit larger, ranging in size from about 1/2 inch to about 3.5 inches in diameter or up to a one ounce part weight. These parts can have micro-sized features also measured in microns. Using Accumold's modifications to our presses ranging from 12 ton to 35 ton, these parts are made with...

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Micro-sized parts are produced in our own micro-molding machines, utilizing processes that we started our business with over 25 years ago. Our Micro-Molded parts range from about 1/2 inch in size to parts measured in microns. These components often have complex geometry and very tight tolerances. Accumold builds specialized molding machines for this unique capability. The machines are engineered...

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Precision Molded Medical Components and Assemblies

Medical equipment manufacturers seeking a qualified manufacturing partner will find this brochure particularly useful. It details Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’ 65 years of experience in the medical components...

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ISO 3 Cleanroom Robots

DENSO announced new ISO 3 (class 1) cleanroom versions of its VS-Series six-axis articulated robots, adding to its previously released ISO 5 (class 100) versions.

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Customized Connector Capabilities

Advanced Interconnections Corp. will feature a broad array of customized connector capabilities at electronica 2012 in Munich from 13-16 November. In addition to the company’s standard SMT and thru-hole board-to-board connectors, application-specific designs will be showcased...

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Direct Metal Laser Sintering

GPI Prototype announced that it has completed the installation of a third DMLS machine from EOS. The additional EOSINT M 270 joins the EOSINT M270 & M280 machines currently being used... 

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