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Biosensors allow the analysis of complex biological media. The detection of a large number of compounds is of great relevance, not only for scientific research but also for process control in the...

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SDG6000X Dual-Channel 500MHz Pulse/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

The SDG6000X series has independent dual generators that offer 196 built-in arbitrary waveforms with a high-precision 8-digit 0.1Hz to 400MHz dual-channel ...

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CableEye USB Type-C Test Fixture, CB26U

CAMI Research Inc. has released a USB Type-C test interface board for its CableEye cable and harness testing systems ...

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New Imaging Software ZEISS ZEN 2 Core

ZEISS ZEN 2 core is not only used as a tool for image analysis and interactive control of microscopes ...

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Spectran HF-80200 V5 RSA 20GHz Realtime Spectrum Analyzer from Saelig

The RSA V5 line of 1U rack mount spectrum analyzers includes versions from 6GHz up to 20GHz capability ...


ZEISS Crossbeam 550 Sets New Standards in 3D Analytics and Sample Preparation with FIB-SEMs

ZEISS presents a new generation of focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (FIB-SEMs) for high-end applications in research and industry ...

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LV5 - Flow-through biosensor for glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate

Biosensors allow the analysis of complex biological media. The detection of a large number of compounds is of great relevance, not only for scientific research but also for process control in the chemical and food industry. It is also indispensable in the healthcare field for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and monitoring of illnesses. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries...

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New ZEISS Axio Observer Microscopes for Life Sciences

The open and flexible inverted microscope platform for living and fixed specimens

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SXUV20C - Low-Noise, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Photodetector

New SXUV series photodiode features a large 20 mm² circular active area for measuring ultraviolet light and power monitoring of Extreme UV lasers.

LISTED UNDER: Laser Micro-Machining | Optical Inspection

Automatic, High Throughput Viscometer

RheoSense, Inc. has introduced the NEW VROC initium, the first automatic viscometer that revolutionizes viscosity characterization. Equipped with automatic sample loading and sample cleaning, VROC initium measures absolute viscosity...

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Oxygen Permeation System for Ultra-High Barrier Applications

MOCON, Inc. an international provider of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing invisible gases, is introducing its new OX-TRAN Model 2/22 10X system to help companies better manage testing costs and deliver product...


Digital Calipers and Digital Indicators

Mahr Federal wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its families of MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators using proven wireless technology. Both MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators send data...

LISTED UNDER: Signals/Indicators/Alarms | Hand Held Instruments

Multi-Beam Scanning Electron Microscope

ZEISS has announced a new variant of the world’s fastest scanning electron microscope: ZEISS MultiSEM 506 features 91 beams working in parallel and increases the throughput of the ZEISS MultiSEM 505 by a factor of three. The unrivaled net acquisition...

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Video Measuring Microscopes with Image Processing

Designed for the measurement and/or dimensioning of geometric elements, the MM 320 and QM 300 video measuring microscopes incorporate integrated CCD color cameras with zoom lenses, 23" touchscreen PCs with keyboard and mouse...

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Sapphire Centrifuge Windows

A line of sapphire UV cell windows for Beckman and other centrifuges that are scribed with an arrow to simplify alignment and are also offered in quartz are available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island. Meller Sapphire Centrifuge...

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Precision Measuring Tools, Gages, Fixtures, Systems and Software

Mahr Federal will feature the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus, along with the MarVision MM 320, the MarVision QM 300, and MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators at the first Metrology Solutions Expo...

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