As a leader in the ultraviolet industry, American Ultraviolet has redesigned the Green Spot and Emerald Spot curing systems.

The newer units utilize a custom designed lamp, which emits between 10 and 15 microwatts of ultraviolet energy while lowering the infra- red energy with Dichoric coated reflectors.

A second addition is the utilization of a dual shutter and infra-red quartz filter to reduce the ultraviolet energy for heat sensitive substrates.

The Green Spot and Emerald are also available with dual light guides and custom light guides for all adhesive-curing applications.

Both systems carry the exclusive two-year warranty.

These units are designed for any application where UV curable adhesives need to be cured. Bonding of all medical products as well as fiber optics by positioning the light guide near the product and the adhesive is cured in seconds creating a tight bond between the substrates.

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