The RoHS Directive restricts the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers within electrical and electronic equipment with the goal of contributing to human health and the environment. Manufacturers of electronics products outside Europe must abide by this legislation by July 1, 2006 if the equipment they produce is imported into an EU member state. Other nations around the world have also proposed legislation that would restrict the use of lead and other hazardous substances in electronic products.

A number of companies have already addressed this issue and have brought their products up to a compliant level with this directive. Two such companies are Viking InterWorks, a Sanmina-SCI Company, and Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a business unit of Cookson Electronics.

Viking InterWorks is a designer and manufacturer of memory modules. Recently, it began shipping RoHS- compliant products to multiple customers.

"We are committed to taking a leadership role in protecting our environment and ensuring our customers have a comprehensive 'green strategy' in place," stated Mark Ellsberry, Vice President of Marketing for Viking InterWorks. "The EU Directive calls for all new electrical and electronic products brought to market after July 1, 2006 to meet specific laws enacted by the individual EU countries. As a result, all Viking InterWorks' components used in the design and manufacture of memory modules are lead free. Additionally, the PCBs used in memory modules do not contain either PBB or PBDE. Our number one goal is to help our customers meet the emerging global requirements and produce environmentally friendly electronic products."

Mike Shannon, Senior Vice President of RoHS/WEEE Compliance for Sanmina-SCI added: "By offering RoHS-compliant products well in advance of the July 2006 deadline by the EU, customers can immediately adopt environmentally friendly products and align their organizations with the RoHS Directive as they evolve their businesses in all geographic areas worldwide."Specialty Coating Systems has confirmed that its Parylene conformal coating services and raw materials (SCS Parylene dimers) are compliant with the RoHS directive as well.

“We conducted independent laboratory testing to validate compliance of the SCS Parylenes,” said Alan Hardy, SCS Electronics and Automotive Market Manager. “SCS provides Parylene coating services and dimer to manufacturers of electrical and electronics equipment on a worldwide basis through a network of 10 coating facilities. SCS understands the importance and implications of the RoHS directive for our customers and wanted to be proactive in announcing the compliance of SCS Parylene services and dimers well before the July 2006 deadline.”

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