Surgical Drape Tapes and Incise Film Solutions Satisfy Challenging Application Requirements

A broad range of incise films and bordering, assembly, fenestration and fixation tapes are now available from Avery Dennison Medical Products (MD&M East Booth 1543).

Transparent, non-reflective and highly comfortable PU films provide breathability required for virtually any procedure, even in difficult to drape areas. Efficient application systems, such as handling bars and adhesive-free areas, make the films easy to position and apply. The films offer superior adhesion in difficult and moist conditions throughout sustained operating conditions. A range of economical PE and EMA films is also available for shorter procedures. 

Drape tapes that fill a wide range of skin adhesion needs are available as bordering tapes, fenestration tapes, and OP strips. The tapes can be produced with proprietary adhesives, such as Wetstick, which adheres securely to skin even when the drape becomes wet during prolonged surgery.

Bordering tapes form a highly secure adhesive band for the edge of a drape. An optional finger lift permits easy liner removal at the point of use. A new series of high performance transfer tapes offers users greater conformability and an economical alternative to double-coated tapes.

Assembly tapes offer optimum performance in overlapping drape applications. The adhesive used offers an ideal balance between cohesion and adhesion.

Fenestration tapes incorporate high-performance double-coated tapes with two liners for conversion efficiency. Customers can specify a finger lift to facilitate removal and/or the tape can be back-split to ease removal from large areas.

OP Strips offer optimum performance for fixing devices and tubes to a drape. The single-coated strips use either a non-woven or filmic carrier.  They are available with a fingerlift for ease of application and can be supplied in rolls or sheets.