Parts-Removal Servo Robot Is Lightweight but Fast, Heavy-LifterOptimized acceleration capabilities, maximized operational stability, and customized operator convenience are features of the viper, a powerful, next-generation series of servo robots from ENGEL.

An innovative use of laser-welded steel sections in the viper's compact construction reduces its machine-mounted weight, while also providing operational stability, even when handling relatively heavy parts at high-speed cycles.

Equipped with an intuitive, easy-to-use control system, the viper is as smart as it is swift, strong, and stable. Improved productivity and uptime when operating at high-speed cycles is ensured by the following three key software features:

  • Mass Identification identifies the manipulated mass and adapts the viper's dynamic operational values to match the manipulated mass, thereby ensuring optimum acceleration.
  • Vibration Control reduces structural borne vibration even for longer axis dimensions.
  • Efficiency Control optimizes the viper's movements to maximize productivity, while minimizing energy consumption.

The results are ultra-fast cycle times and maximum productivity accompanied by low energy consumption. Whether it is fully integrated into a production line, or used as an efficient stand-alone solution, the ENGEL viper can provide a profitable price/performance ratio to improve competitiveness.

Available in several models with load-bearing capacities ranging from 55 to 120 lb, and for machines from 120 to 1,650 tons, the ENGEL viper robot series is a vital step in reinforcing ENGEL's full-system competency.