Precision Ceramic and Glass Microcomponents Custom MachinedThrough their affiliate, the Technical Glass Company, Goodfellow is now able to supply a wide variety of ceramic and glass microcomponents, both standard items and items precision-machined to customer specifications. Examples include:
  • Ultra-thin glass microsheet (from 0.03-mm thickness) for use as transparent substrates and electrical insulators
  • Precision balls (from 0.15-mm diameter) for use as optical components and precision spacers
  • Micro optics, such as prisms (from 0.5 mm), lenses (from 1.0-mm diameter) and windows (from 0.5 mm)
  • Injection-molded ceramic microcomponents for surgical equipment and fiber optic applications
  • Polished sapphire bearings and sub-millimeter bore nozzles

Other items are available upon request.