Wireless Keyboard Has Integrated Touchpad, Washable Design

Econo-Keys, a manufacturer of medical-grade peripherals, will launch the EKW-105 washable wireless keyboard at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, held Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 in New York City.

Ideal for dental and medical professionals, the EKW-105 is a completely sealed and disinfectable keyboard with the added benefits of RF wireless connectivity and an integrated touchpad. The keyboard has a 30-foot wireless range, and an expected battery life of six weeks.

Recent studies show that hospital-acquired infections are a serious problem in the United States, costing hospitals an estimated $8.1 billion annually, and attributing to 48,000 preventable deaths. In order to curb this alarming trend, much focus has been placed on infection control, especially in common areas and high-touch objects.

The EKW-105 has sealed, low-profile keys that do not contain cracks or crevices to harbor dangerous bacteria, unlike a standard desktop keyboard. In addition, the waterproof case can be easily and routinely disinfected by submersion, or by spraying with any hospital-grade disinfectant.

Another convenient feature of the EKW-105 is its space-saving resistive touchpad.

The EKW-105 operates on two AAA batteries and USB dongle (included). The plug-and-play device requires no additional software or drivers.