Tri-Clamp Ends Reduce Risks Associated With Barb-Style FittingsAn option for sanitary connections is now available from AdvantaPure— Overmolded Tri-Clamp Ends for PVC, TPE, and TPR tubing and hose. Typically less costly than silicone counterparts, Overmolded Tri-Clamp Ends are a viable alternative for pharmaceutical, medical, and surgical applications.

Injection molded from USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) Class VI Hytrel or polypropylene, Overmolded Tri-Clamp Ends are available in Tri-Clamp or Mini Tri-Clamp styles. The smooth transition from tubing to Tri-Clamp greatly reduces bacteria entrapment situations associated with barb-type fittings and results in a cleaner connection. The materials are mated thermally—no leachable adhesives are involved.

Other advantages of Overmolded Tri-Clamp Ends include:

  • Certified animal-derived ingredient free
  • Provides a sanitary connection for thermoplastic tubing and hose
  • Excellent component for single-use applications
  • Sizes from Mini through 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp
  • Easily cleaned and sterilized
  • Made-to-order assemblies
  • Documented quality control

Overmolded Tri-Clamp Ends are available in Hytrel molded directly to flexible or rigid PVC and in polypropylene molded to TPR (thermoplastic rubber) or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) such as AdvantaFlex. Molded silicone assemblies are also available, along with a variety of single use process components.