Die-Cutting for Medical Parts

Fabrico, a leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials, announces capabilities in die-cut parts, multi-layer constructions, and adhesives for medical applications, including surgical drapes and ostomy device components. With a range of die-cut capabilities and expertise in selecting the most appropriate materials, Fabrico also identifies the best adhesive for the application and assembles the finished part.

With access to a wide range of materials and adhesives, Fabrico can custom convert:

  • Diagnostic test strips and carrier frames;
  • Composite wound-care dressings;
  • Die-cut medical foam tape;
  • Woven and nonwoven biocompatible pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes;
  • Surgical drapes and ostomy components.

In many instances, Fabrico can provide extensive label printing capabilities for tamper-evident and custom pressure-sensitive labeling of medical devices.

Fabrico is also be able to suggest the appropriate adhesive alternatives for a specific application, such as single- or double-coated tapes, the best liner for the application, whether a foam tape is best-suited, and what might be available in hydrocolloid tape formulations.

Fabrico’s capabilities include servo driven rotary die-cutting, CNC die-cutting, laser die-cutting, and water jet die-cutting to meet the complexity and specifications on sophisticated medical components. For complex foam tape die-cut components water jet die-cutting can provide a solution that delivers clean cut edges with the foam material. Laser die-cutting, kiss-cutting, slitting, and laminating can also be used in converting for medical applications.