Product Lifecycle Management Solution Boasts a Browser-Based PlatformOmnify Software, a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for electronic, medical, mechanical, and defense manufacturers, announces the next generation Empower PLM solution, version 5.0. This product release boasts a completely browser-based platform which further enhances user accessibility, system performance and scalability to support the product design and development needs of small to midsize manufacturers.

Key product enhancements include:

  • New browser-based platform: All Empower modules have been transitioned to web browser applications, completely eliminating any client installation and expanding operating system/platform support.
  • Significant performance improvements: New platform and algorithm developments have had a significant performance improvement on many common operations such as authentication, Change/ECO processing, Bill of Material viewing/reporting, etc.
  • Multiple language support: New XML “dictionary” support provides multiple language support and customizable vernacular to the application forms without having to install multiple application instances.  Each user can select from a different language dictionary.
  • Enhanced integration: The new platform provides enhanced integration across all Empower modules as well as 3rd party applications.
  • New graphical reporting engine: Standard reports and a customizable reporting engine have been provided to easily create bar graph, pie chart, Pareto charts, and line graphs.
  • Streamlined User Interface: Many forms have been redesigned to further improve readability and simplify navigation.