SL Power Electronics, a division of SL Industries, and manufacturer of both internal and external power supplies has launched its new integrated website at The dramatically redesigned site embodies the company’s vision and commitment to the growing needs of its customers. Based on extensive research with its users, it offers:
  • Power parametric searches by voltage and wattage
  • Rich content including application notes, datasheets and 3-D modelling
  • Direct access to reference documents from every page
  • More intuitive navigation and streamlined searching

Designers of electronic equipment have less time to design their products and as a result of technology and regulation changes deciding which power supply to use becomes a challenge.

“Even after the basic power requirements have been decided, often there are many options, which vary in performance, size and agency certification,” said SL’s President Dave Hage. “To help solve the engineer’s dilemma in both time and knowledge, we’ve created an entirely new power supply web site, which contains the widest selection of both standard internal and external power supplies in the medical market as well as the industrial, military, and information technology markets. The new website is easier to use and provides increased flexibility for future growth. It will greatly improve the experience of our users.”

In addition to comparative product data sheets the web site also includes such features as CB reports, Agency certifications, 3D models of the power supplies, application notes and where to order the product. The software allows the user to simply select the market sector and then in a matter of less than 3 clicks, select the most suitable product for the application.

For custom applications, the website is structured to assist designers with potential changes that may be required and short cut communication channels to SL’s engineers who can assist in customization of product, and even integration.