Unitized Hot Runner SystemsDME Company, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies, recently announced the launch of two new Unitized Hot Runner Systems. The company now offers pre-wired and pre-assembled Hot Runner Solutions for both the Stellar and Galaxy lines, specifically designed for customers who want a pre-wired manifold system without plates.

Unitized hot runners are available for both open gate and valve gate systems. All heating and sensing elements are pre-wired for reduced setup time and simplified installation. The systems are backed by DME’s world-class hot runner technical service team and in-stock replacement parts are available.

“If you don’t have the time or resources to assemble the manifold and components, DME can do it for you,” said DME Global Product Manager Craig Kovacic. “We’ll assemble and wire your manifold and components so you can simply drop it in to the cavity plate and be ready to go.”

Both the Galaxy and Stellar systems offer the excellent performance of proven DME hot runner technology.

Galaxy Hot Runner Systems address the performance, reliability and serviceability demands of today’s molders.

Available with standard Galaxy nozzle lengths and tips, these systems are perfect for a wide range of applications such as caps and closures, cosmetic packaging, cutlery and small medical, electronic and automotive parts. Advantages include:

  • Minimal gate vestige and excellent gate cosmetics
  • Design flexibility through modular nozzles
  • More parts per cycle through a compact form factor for close center-to-center dimensions

Stellar Hot Runner Systems are better suited for micro-part molders.

For applications that demand the added properties of high-performance engineered materials, these systems deliver superior performance through highly conductive tip designs and precise heat profiling in all nozzle lengths to ensure consistent processing temperatures. Stellar also offers:

  • Suitability for commodity or engineered-grade resins
  • Choice of balanced multi-nozzle assemblies (MNAs) for standalone use or under a manifold for higher cavitation molds
  • Threaded nozzle connection
  • Five different nozzle assembly “A” dimensions from 65 to 145 mm