Collaboration Enables Non-Lead Radiation ProtectionPolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL) announced that it has worked together with Siemens Healthcare to develop non-lead radiation shielding components for Siemens’ newest line of CT (computed tomography) scanners.

As a result of the close collaboration among PolyOne, Siemens, and Reiter-HG Geiger, Siemens was able to design and produce components with radiation shielding performance equal to lead while eliminating machining and reducing shielding costs compared to traditional machined metal and lead parts.

Trilliant™ Healthcare Radiation Shielding Compound also enabled Siemens to benefit from:

  • Reduced health and environmental impact: RoHS-compliant, alternative to lead
  • System cost reduction: Machining, assembly and regulatory costs reduced compared to lead
  • Radiation-shielding performance: Equivalent to lead
  • Parts consolidation: Minimized assembly requirements
  • Design freedom: Ability to shield areas more effectively due to increased design flexibility

Working together with Siemens and Reiter-HG Geiger, PolyOne’s technical team enabled the switch from lead with new material solutions based on a high-density, metallic filled material, Trilliant™ Healthcare Radiation Shielding Compound. This highly filled polymer, based on PolyOne’s Gravi-Tech™ technology, addressed healthcare industry needs and regulations.

Extensive material evaluation at Siemens demonstrated that the Trilliant™ material blocked radiation at levels equal to those of pure lead. Furthermore, excellent dispersion of the metallic filler avoided “hot spots” where radiation could leak out.