Quality Industrial, UL, and Specialty LabelsFabrico, the leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and bonding, joining, and sealing solutions, announces expanded label printing services for industrial, UL, specialty, bar code, and RFID labels.

The label is often the last component of a product but is a key ingredient in the product’s identity. Whether branding the product with a name or trademark that proves its authenticity; providing instructions on use; meeting regulatory compliance; providing warning or safety information; enabling tracking through bar code or RFID, Fabrico provides the superior printing capabilities our customers require.

Whether text, graphic, or a combination, Fabrico labels deliver the following benefits:

  • Efficiency – we do it right the first time;
  • Superior quality – labels are durable and easy-to-read;
  • Precision tracking – RFID or bar code labels that remain machine readable;
  • Aesthetically pleasing – for strong brand identity and recognition;
  • Reduced liability – safety, instruction, and warning labels are clear and concise;
  • Appropriate construction – the proper adhesive and material for the application.

Fabrico’s converting capabilities allow us to provide:

  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Decals and graphic enhancements
  • Nameplates and signage
  • Striping and rating plates
  • Warning and instruction labels
  • Reflective films or strips
  • Warranty labels and tamper-evident labels
  • ID tags and RFID
  • Consecutively Numbered or Barcoded for Asset labels and Serial Number labels
  • Removable labels
  • Single- or multi-color labels
  • Thermal labels and ribbons